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Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco Skyline as seen from the Marin Headlands - California

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Full Time RV Maintenance–Your RV Refrigerator Might Need a Little Assistance

There is a RV Travel Newsletter posted every Saturday that I hope all of your have subscribed to.

Written by Chuck Woodbury, it’s free to subscribe. . .and always has numerous updates about the RV world.

You can even get updates on FaceBook if you would like. . .oh, and since it’s free. . .

if you see an ad on there that interests you. . .go ahead and click on it. . .it’s how Mr Woodbury gets paid.


The reason I bring it up is that last week’s daily tip on using an RV refrigerator fan really caught my eye.

We used a fan just like the one in the article  for ages. . .but quickly got tired of changing out the

D cell batteries. . .those little suckers are pricey!



A couple of months ago, Ed, a RV’ing friend who created a great RV Tips page on FaceBook

told Dave about these 12 volt refrigerator fans available here on EBay. . .which Dave quickly

ordered and installed. . .we really like them, and think they do a much better job of

circulating air than the little portable one did. 


As I was researching, I also found this supplier -

RV Cooling Unit Warehouse – I like the toggle switch on this one


I am not affiliated in any way with any of these links. . .

I am just passing along what I think is helpful information.


Although not so necessary this time of year. . .as it heats up this summer

your fridge will appreciate a little extra assistance. . .


Leave a comment, and share any further tips you might think of. . .

Thanks for reading our blog. . .




Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sun–Glorious Sun

Sunday, 6 January
Stephen F Austin State Park - San Felipe TX
Volunteering as Park Host

January 6

yes! yes! yes!. . .the beautiful fabulous sun put in an appearance today. . .
January 6
the golfers were certainly appreciating this beautiful day. . .
January 6
we took full advantage also. . .
hiked about three miles down to the Brazos River. . .
and called it trail maintenance. . .what a life!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Full Time RV Living - Bring on the Sun. . .please

Ughhhh. . .the weather has just been yuck. . .cold, drippy, grey and dreary. ..I’m pretty sure I have that S.A.D seasonal disorder.   Weather like this sure makes me SAD. . .I want to just hibernate. . .and not come out until I can see the sun. . .waaaaaa. . .ok, whining over. . .

Loving Stephen F Austin so far. . .very organized staff. . .very clear instructions posted and assigned. . .love that!

The interpretative Ranger is a bird lover. . .so I think she and I are going to get along great. . .plus, she loves to paint. . .and is already working up some painting projects for me. . .

I’m really going to love that!

Monaco blends right into the setting

We think the motorhome looks fabulous in the woods. . .blends right in!

2006-01-01 002

and the coolest part about being here. . .

Dave and I celebrated 38 years of wedded bliss last month. . .

and guess where we spent our honeymoon?

That’s right. . .San Felipe TX. . .we were so poor. . .we stayed in a little fleabag motel out on the highway. . .nearly froze to death. . .and the next day, visited this very sight. . .right around the corner from the park. . .isn’t that ironic?  Part of the reason. . .even way back then that we chose this area. . .is that we both loved the history of it.

Never in our wildest imaginations did we ever dream we would have the privilege of exploring all the historical sights we have seen. . .

we are blessed indeed. . .

As soon as the weather clears up, I hope to take you on a tour of the entire park. . .the Brazos River. . .all the hiking/biking trails. . .and lots of nature. . .up close and personal. . .

Til then ~




Tuesday, January 1, 2013