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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Full Time RV Travel–Fuel Prices–How will they affect you?

Lots of discussions these days on all the RV forums. . .and on the FaceBook RV Groups about fuel prices. . .


How will prices affect your RV travel?


Here’s how we calculate it. . .


First off. . .we budget a specific amount for fuel each month. . .in our case $600. . .most months we use less, so we bank the difference. . .that helps out in those times we are traveling more.  Now this is the exact same amount we budgeted when we were still working full time, and driving two vehicles back and forth. . .and around. . .


then we calculate cost per mile. . .right now it works out like this:

Diesel = $4 per gallon

Mileage towing  = 8 mpg (average)

Cost per mile = 50 cents per mile

Thus, our summer trip to Colorado and back will cost roughly $1500. . .but, once we get there, the rig will stay parked for 5 months. . .so our fuel costs will go down considerably during that time, as the truck gets about 12 mpg not towing. . .or 25 cents per mile.


If fuel goes up to $5 per gallon as predicted. . .our costs will change about 12 cents per mile. . .or there abouts. . .


I’ve stated it several times. . .when folks say how much cheaper it is to live in an RV. . .I must somewhat disagree. . .it’s just living life. . .and living life costs money. . .


For example:

Sticks and Bricks    vs   RV Living Full Time  (assuming you no longer have a home to maintain)

Mortgage pymt      =      RV payment and maintenance

Utility Bills               =      RV Parking Space

Fuel Costs                 =     Fuel Costs


Auto Insurance



Misc Living Expenses


You get the picture. . .living is living whether you are doing it in a house or an RV on the road. . .


Now, where things can change drastically is how many day trips you are doing. . . how much sight seeing. . .how much eating out vs cooking at home. . .paying for tours. . .etc. 

All these things can only be calculated on an individual basis. . .we quickly discovered that while we enjoy sightseeing very much. . .playing tourist gets old in a hurry. . .and having somewhere to go, and something to see every single day, just wears me out.


So when we are going to be in an area with just tons, and tons to see and do. . .we plan a longer stay, and spread out the excitement. . .


I’d love to hear about your experiences with traveling, budgeting, and sightseeing. . .

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Incredible Luck–I Gotta Share


Since yesterday was our last day at Lake Conroe for a few months,

I wanted to make one more pass with the camera. . .I was really trying

to get a shot of a water moccasin that I had spotted at one of the ponds. . .

alas. . .no luck!  but. . .I did get this incredible shot


of this momma Mallard. . .she’s set her nest up right at the edge of the hot tub. . .

and then. . .the most incredible thing happened.

I had walked around to the “Bass Pond” and sat down at a picnic table. . .

because I could hear birds all in the edge of the brush, I had turned on the camera,

and was scanning with the high power lens to see if I could get a shot of one of them. . .

Lo and behold. . .this is what flew right into my view finder. . .

I just held down the button and started clicking. . .





I was thrilled. . .

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Full Time RV Living: One Last Hurrah. . .

Sunday we had visitors. . .


the awesome Austin. . .and big sis Mac . . .

that would be beautiful McKensie for short

if all the grands are grown up. . .adopt the great nieces and nephews!


along with Mom and Dad.


Austin was so exhausted from swimming. . .


walking down to the lake,  playing on the swings,

and having ice cream. . .

Austin and Alyssa in the bluebonnets at Lake Conroe March 2012



I’m surprised he stayed awake long enough to get this shot. . .

Since we won’t be back in Texas ‘til October,

and since we were so close. . .

A wonderful afternoon with my two beautiful cousins, Iris and Georgia

on Monday we drove over to Cleveland to meet up with my cousins. 

I love getting together with them. . .I wish we had lived closer growing up,

I know we missed a lot of fun times.  So thankful for FB so we can stay in touch!


Today, in preparation for our trip to San Antonio tomorrow,

I’m adding magnetic latches to all the drawers and doors. . .

we’re hoping these will eliminate the need for the spring loaded

rods we’ve been using to hold the drawers closed.


and on a completely different subject. . .

this gives a whole new meaning to the term. . .

walking the dog.

The things you see in an RV park. . .LOL!

Full Time RV Living: Sharing the Good News

I originally started this blog to share tips and tricks about full time RV’ing,

so when I find great tip and tricks from others, I like to share those too. . .


This article:

10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Fulltime RVing…

written by fellow RV’ers. . .since they boondock,

they may share tips you will never hear from me. . .

a dedicated full hookup guru. . .


Check it out. . .great information!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Evans Escapades: Winding Down at Lake Conroe

Yesterday, I headed out on my own for some shopping therapy. 

Since Dave was gone part of the week, he stayed home for some down time of his own. . .


As sometimes happens when we are parked in one place for a month, not much is happening. . .

so I have been going on walks to entertain myself. . .

Blackberries in Bloom - Lake Conroe Thousand Trails - March 2012

the blackberries are blooming. . .



the honeysuckle are gorgeous. . .

Duck Conversation - Lake Conroe Thousand Trails - March 2012

ducks on the lake. . .I swear they were having a conversation.

Emily - Skeet Shooting - Williford Family Reunion - Mar 2012

my awesome grand. . .note the skeet in the background. . .we were so proud

Williford Family Reunion - Mar 2012

Dad holding court at family reunion. . .my cousin seems amused!

and so it goes. . .heading to San Antonio next week. . .


See you down the road. . .

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Full Time RV Living: Up on My Soapbox

ahhhh. . .well, today I am on my soapbox about a trend I have noticed. . .not a good trend, I might add. . .


Now, to me, blogging, and facebook, and email, etc., etc., is all about communication. . .and communication is a two way street. . .that means speaking, listening, responding. . .and so on.


So. . .here’s what’s bugging me. . .bloggers, and facebookers who just want to speak, and speak, and speak. . .and yet never respond to their followers. . .


For example. . .I love to post comments on blogs when the topic is interesting. . .(except on those blogs where you hafta put in those stupid little captcha codes EVERY single time. . .ughhhh) . . . and I especially love it when the blog writer bothers to respond back. . .especially if there’s a point to clear up. . .or a commenter has asked a question.


Several of the blog writers that I follow are fabulous at doing this (you know who you are). . .makes me very happy!


So. . .here’s my point.  If you are so busy, and so important, that all you want to do is to spew your story out there, and you can’t ever be bothered to acknowledge those who participate in the conversation, then what is the point of having a conversation?  I’ll just read a magazine where I know a response is not expected. . .


It reminds me of baseball players, or movie stars who think they are so important, they never need to acknowledge their fans. . .or to say thank you. 


Is it just me?  Am I the only one who thinks acknowledging the input of others is important. . .well of course I know I’m not. . .because I see the responses of those of you who care about your followers.


You know, Phil Mickelson often stays up to two hours after a golf tournament, signing autographs, and showing his appreciation to his fans. . .that’s the sort of person I want to look up to. . .someone who is grateful, and appreciative. . .


Thanks to all of you who have read my rant. . .I hope you will respond. . .ha ha!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Full Time RV Living–Peace and Quiet IS all it’s cracked up to be!

It’s been a wee bit crazy around here this past week. . .


All the Spring Breakers arrived last weekend. . .

with their golf carts, and bicycles. . .and

angelic little beings on their bicycles.


We got quite a kick out of watching the

little girl across the street learning

to ride without her training wheels.

I know one thing. . .Mom and Dad got a workout

running up and down the street with her. . .

but she conquered it. .


but alas. . .all the rigs are pulling out. . .

the campground has emptied. . .

Spring Break is over. . .and all is quiet. . .

and peaceful. . .ahhhhh!


I’m pretty sure I’m getting old : )



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Full Time RV Travel–Things are Looking Up at Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe, just out of Houston TX

is looking much better

10112011 Lake Conroe Summer 2011 Drought in Texas, these are the boat docks at the Thousand Trails RV Park

I took this picture from the boat dock at Thousand Trails last October. . .

Lake Conroe still in drought condition four feet low. . .carp and gar in the grass beds around the perimeter

We took this shot today. . .and although the lake is still four feet below normal. . .

it’s definitely looking much, much better.

Lake Conroe still in drought condition four feet low. . .carp and gar in the grass beds around the perimeter

The carp. . .

Lake Conroe still in drought condition four feet low. . .carp and gar in the grass beds around the perimeter

and gar were certainly making a big splash,

doing whatever it is they were doing

in the grass beds around the perimeter of the lake. . .

Golden Eye - Spring Flowers Lake Conroe 2012

Even with all the rain. . .

we are certainly enjoying the beautiful spring weather,

and all the wildflowers that are popping up. . .

like these golden eyed daisies. . .


We hope you are doing the same as you head out on your next adventure. . .

Safe travels,

Janice and Dave

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Full Time RV Living–Evans Escapades–Life in the Slow Lane

Other than the thunder rumbling overhead,

and the rain pounding on the roof,

it’s been very, very quiet around here,


It’s raining so hard, water is pouring

down the side of the window,


and standing in the streets.

I certainly hope it will all drain right

into Lake Conroe. . .which is still

down about four feet.


We’ve taken advantage of some down time

to get some projects done




We got rid of Dave’s sad and pathetic desk,

and our file cabinet, which had seen a

few too many rough roads,

and replaced it with this setup

which we designed for our space.


I completely decluttered my desk,

and the entertainment center,

painted the entire background black,

which allows all of the components to blend in.

Once I get my curtains hung, it will be complete.



Speaking of decluttering,

I’ve been cleaning out cabinets,

drawers, and pantries.

Here’s my collection of stuff

that needs to be dropped

off at Goodwill on our

next trip to town.


I have almost all of our music CD’s

copied to the computer. . .



Only a few boxes of vacation videos

and pictures to go. . .


Dave only has two classes left to teach

before we head to Colorado for the summer. . .

so we’ll just enjoy the redbuds blooming.


Next weekend is our annual family reunion. . .

Should be a great time seeing all the cousins,

aunts, and uncles. . .


I know a lot of you are heading back north,

Travel safely,