Living full time in our motor home allows us to be Ready To Go. . .on to the next adventure!

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco Skyline as seen from the Marin Headlands - California

Work Your Way Across the USA

 You've purchased the RV. . .you've got it all planned out.

You know you can work your way across the United States. . .staying in great places. . .
and enjoying all the perks.

But. . .how do you find those jobs?  And. . .what are the perks?
 And. . .what do you need to do to get those perks?

Hmmm. . .those could be million dollar questions. . .and without the right research,
you could find yourself in a doozy of a situation.

In 2003, when I began researching the full time RV lifestyle, and working on the road,
Workamper News was one of the first resources I found,
thanks to a shuttle bus driver in Alaska. . .

It was several years before we finished our careers,
and were able to get on the road.
I read the Workamper Forums everyday. . .
I checked the hotline jobs that I received in my email. . .
and I made plans. . .lots of plans.

In the three years that we’ve been on the road, we’ve worked three different jobs. . .
all found through Workamper News. 

The first two employers saw our Online Workamper Resume’,
and called us. . .this next summer’s job popped up on the HotLine. . .
and since it was where we wanted to be for the summer,
and we thought it would be a perfect fit for us, we contacted them.

That’s just how easy it could be. . .sign up for Workamper News. . .
a bargain at less than $4 per month. . .and start your journey!

My only request is that you let them know I sent you. . .

Thank you so much,