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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Full Time RV Living–We Were Just Pooped

The entire month of March was  grueling. . .just flat wore us out .  We were told the month of March/April would be the busiest in the park, and they were correct. . .Spring Break Week. . .ai yai yai. . .
but we survived, and in an effort to recuperate drove over to Brazos Bend State Park to visit Park Host friends Judy and Dick Mott.  We originally met them in Estes Park last summer, where we all park hosted for Larimer County. . .then later, when Fort Parker had an opening, they called us, and we park hosted with them for a few weeks there. 

I love the juxtaposition of the flowers with the alligator

This reminds me of post cards I've seen at National Preserves
Young alligators were everywhere. . .not in the least bit afraid

this humongous specimen. . .Dick said it was a female. . .was lying fairly close to the walking path.  I can certainly see why patrols are posted on the weekends. . .they say the teenagers will walk right up to the alligators, even go so far as to poke them with a stick.  I would say. . .if this one gets ahold of ya. . .you are in a world of trouble!

I almost wish we had followed them over to Brazos Bend. . .so many fascinating, fabulous things to see.

Notice the young gator at the bottom of the pic. . .almost camouflaged

and all the different varieties of birds. . .just amazing!
Anhinga drying it’s wings
After a five mile bike ride around two lakes. . .getting off multiple times to take pics. . .and an hour drive home. . .I lay down across the bed and went into a coma. . .a seriously relaxing day. . .thanks Judy and Dick for playing hosts. . .we loved it!