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Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Water Leak equals a Fun Day. . .yeah right


I wanted to be sure the black tank was completely flushed out,

since there was a possibility of us being away from the rig

for a couple of days. . .because I’m OCD (shocking to my family, I know)

I choose to take care of that little chore. . .ANYWAY. . .


as I turned on the backflush system, Dave’s comes running out. . .

turn it off. . .turn it off. . .something’s leaking. . .

and sure enough. . .water was pouring out the side of the rig,


thankfully, he was inside to hear it, otherwise, no telling how long

I would have ran the water, before I decided the tank was clean enough.


because the pipe was to the side wall of the rig,

most of the water went to the outside. . .

but of course the flooring that got wet inside was under the cabinets,

and behind the washer. . .yaaaa!


Most important thing we learned from having a water leak in our S/B house. . .

you must get it dried, or the flooring and sill plates will buckle AND mold. . .

so. . .after pulling out drawers, and gaining as much access as possible

we mopped up with towels, and stuck a small space heater and a fan

in the cavity. . .we were there to monitor and check on it regularly. . .


once it seemed to be dried out sufficiently, we pulled out the heater,

but left a fan running in the space while we were gone to stay

with my sis in law following her surgery. . .

Monaco, RV Repairs, Water Leak

ahhh. . .so this morning the real fun began. . .

because the washer sits up on a raised platform,

we’ve discovered the best way to maneuver it is with

these webbing straps hubby just happens to have on hand. . .

Monaco, RV Repairs, Water Leak

and here’s the culprit. . .water was pouring out of the top of this vacuum breaker

Monaco, RV Repairs, Water Leak

which was attached to these two lines

Monaco, RV Repairs, Water Leak

here’s the new one installed. . .$39 replacement part

Monaco, RV Repairs, Water Leak

safely strapped to the drain pipe,

so it can no longer move around during travel. . .


So, that’s been our fun Saturday. . .

It’s cold, wet and dreary here,

we are happy to be inside.


What are you guys doing to entertain yourselves

on a winter day in December?


‘til next time,

Janice and Dave