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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Floor is Done. . .and we are tired!

we knew we were going to change out the floor while we were in Conroe. . .but we’ve been so busy visiting, nothing had gotten done. . .plus the tile had to be ordered, so we were waiting for it to be delivered. . .
2014-11-15 2014-11-15 001 004  
after much contemplation, we decided that we love the ceramic tile in our kitchen and bathroom area, and that if we could find something we like that would tie in with it, leaving it would be the better solution, and would only require replacing the floor in the carpeted areas. . .

as I mentioned Home Depot did not have it in stock, so we brought home a sample, which looked great laid on the kitchen tile. . .so there ya go. . .decision made!
2014-10-28 2014-10-30 001 001
with Debi and Ed gone off to Florida to visit their daughter, and AJ and Rick not due in for another week, we’ve run out of excuses. . .so first, the underlayment which will bring the vinyl floor up to the level of the ceramic tile. . .nothing too difficult about getting it laid. . .I measured. . .Dave cut. . .once it was all it place, Dave got out his handy, dandy air compressor and brad nailer, and went to town securing it to our subfloor. . .piece of cake. . .
2014-10-30 2014-10-30 001 002

Wish I could say the same about laying the Allure Vinyl Planks once they finally arrived. . .oh my word. . .all those little cuts that needed to be made. . .aii yaaiii yaaiii. . .no wonder flooring installations in RV’s cost so much. . .goodness. . .goodness. . .goodness. . .at least we were smart enough to start in the bedroom which was a much smaller area. . .we at least, sort of figured out what we were doing before moving the project to the living room. . .
2014-11-15 2014-11-15 001 002
but we won. . .and got it in. . .here it is before we laid the transition piece. . .the only negative, is that, because we based our decision on a sample only, it is a bit grayer than the tile in the kitchen. . .which is. . .sadly, going to require a bit of redecorating. . .oh. . .boo hoo!
2014-11-15 2014-11-15 001 005
here is the first re-decorating installation. . .approved by David, Debi and AJ. . .it has a bit of the gray, some gold. . .some green (for me) some blue (because Debi says I need to add some color) and of course the brown. . .because we have brown. . .lots and lots of brown everywhere. . .it’s a pretty good base to build from. . .don’t’cha think?

It’s looking better I must admit. . .will post more updates once we get the rest of the transition pieces down. . .we ran out of something. . .so will make a stop by Lowe’s on our next trip into town. . .oh. . .twist my arm already. . .LOL!

AJ and Rick have arrived with their Mobile Suites and fancy dancy, new to them F450 man truck to pull it with. . .the HEB Gang (as titled by Rick)  is all here, Hurlburt’s-Evans-Binns. . .so enough work already. . .time for visiting and eating. . .

’til next time,
Janice and Dave