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Monday, September 19, 2011

Full Time RV Travel– Exploring Myrtle Beach South Carolina

As the name implies Myrtle Beach is a beach town. . .60 miles of beautiful beaches divided into basically three sections
North Myrtle Beach SC
North Myrtle Beach – laid back, quiet, mostly condos and private homes along the waterfront – nothing really exciting, and not too terribly many places to eat.  You almost need to go up to the main thoroughfare to find restaurants or fast food eateries. . .but free parking, and plenty of beach access. . .bring a picnic, and your own beach supplies, and enjoy a great day at the beach on this end of town.

News Reporters showed up to report on Hurricane Irene
Since Hurricane Irene was coming in, a news crew showed up while we were having lunch at one of the little beach dives on North Beach.
News reporters setting up
Our little waitress was having a fit.  She says, “Here come the vultures, blowing everything all out of proportion, and scaring people away.”  I can’t really disagree with her theory, and I’m sure when things like this affect your livelihood, it’s rather difficult to just sit back and watch.    As you can see, the beach was still pretty busy at this point.
Grand Strand – is where the Beach Boardwalk, the tourist shops, and lots of excitement is. . .
Since we are not huge beach enthusiasts, this is where we spent most of our time. . .just watching the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. . .
while having a fabulous shrimp and oyster po’boy at Dirty Dons.
Just so you know, we only saw paid parking in the Grand Strand area. . .you could park at the meters, or you could use the parking lots with the paid attendants. . .pretty pricey, but worth it if you are going to make a day of it.

South Beach – if you are here with kids this is probably where you will want to be.  All sorts of go cart rides, parasailing opportunities, mini golf,  sorry, didn’t think to get any pics of this area, since we just passed through.
Overall, we enjoyed Myrtle Beach, but would probably choose a less populated area when we return.  You know. . .it’s one of those things. . .you’re that close, you gotta go see it!
See the rest of our pics in our Myrtle Beach Album

Myrtle Beach Discount Card – we didn’t purchase one of these as we were here in our RV, so did not did not need a discount on accommodations, and did not do any tours. . .but I’m sure if you are here with your family, and will be doing kids activities such as go carts or mini golf, and if you will be eating out often. . .it might be worth checking out.

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