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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Full Time RV Living–Progression over the Years

I often receive notes from newbies who are just starting out in the lifestyle, or from wannabees who are anxious to get started in the lifestyle.  These notes always take me back to that nostalgic place that I lived in for about three years, that place where I researched the lifestyle, absorbing everything I could find about it, so I know exactly how these folks feel. . .the excitement. . .the fear. . .the feeling of not knowing exactly what we may be getting ourselves in to. . .oh yes, it all comes back.

Now we had camped for years, starting out in tents, progressing to pop ups, then to an 18 foot bumper pull, and finally, our ultimate vacation rig. . .a 30 foot Jayco Fifth Wheel with a slideout.

We were uptown then, living the good life. . .so when we decided to sell everything we owned, and it all happened a little quicker than we anticipated, we determined that we could live in the Jayco while we continued researching and shopping for a full time rig.

Oh my goodness. . .that WAS a transition. . .going from a four bedroom, three bath home to a less than 400 square foot rig that was designed to go on vacation in. . .and while it was the ultimate for what it was designed for, we quickly decided that having NO closets, NO storage. . .and especially, NO washer, dryer. . .just was NOT going to work.

We were both still working full time jobs, hubby on rotating shifts, and I worked a rotating week which almost always included working Saturdays.  Going to the laundromat was not on our list of fun things to do on our day off, so I started dropping the laundry off at one of those full service laundromats.  Oh I can feel the eyes rolling. . .LOL, but that was what we needed to do to survive, and we quickly decided living in survival mode was just NOT going to work.

Had we already been retired, we may have coped a little better, but in addition to our jobs, we also volunteered at our church and were in charge of a large Children’s Ministry Department and staff, so adding a lifestyle change in the midst of our other responsibilities was probably not the smartest decision. . .however, we had been researching FULL TIME rigs for quite a while, and had narrowed our choices down to about four brands which met our criteria.

Our criteria list consisted of basement air, two refrigerators, or at least one oversized one, washer/dryer, and a built in desk.  Not much to ask for right?  Dave would make the rounds of the RV lots on his day off, looking, looking, looking. . .as you can imagine, in Houston TX there were a lot of choices. . .and then, by the grace of God, there it was. . .the perfect rig. . .a brand that was on our list.  We knew they built quality full time rigs that would stand up to the rigors of the lifestyle. . .with absolutely everything on our wish list. . .and MORE.  God is so good! . . .and although we were looking for used,  this one was their RV show model. . .had never been lived in. . .but was being sold as a used unit. . .only took a few minutes to make that decision. . .and take that miracle home.

Now, almost ten years later, in the next phase of our RV journey as we begin searching for a motorhome, we still know we made a great decision. . .even with the trials and tribulations of the constant maintenance that comes with living in an RV full time. . .it has been the perfect “home”. . .and we would do it all over again. . .in a heartbeat!

What about you?

How did you get started in the lifestyle?

Did you make the right decision, or do you have regrets?

Have you reached a transition mode, where you are thinking of bigger or smaller, or perhaps even a more permanent address? 

I would love to hear your stories!  Please share your comments below and feel free to email me any time at

Safe and Happy Travels,


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