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Monday, February 6, 2012

Full Time RV Living–Repairs and more Repairs

Getting new tires - Columbus Tire Center - Columbus TX

Before we even got started on slide repairs at the RV Repair Center,

we went by Columbus Tire Center in Columbus, TX. . .

I love doing business with people I feel I can trust. . .

and I tell you. . .this is one great owner.

We ended up here several years ago, after one of those tire incidents

where all the layers peel off the tire, but you still have air. . .

spent the night at the local KOA, (back in the day before Thousand Trails)

and limped in to the Tire Store the next morning.


We had been concerned for some time that one of our tires might be rubbing

on the fender. . .but had not been able to find a resolution.  Ryan, the owner,

offered the perfect solution. . .a narrower width tire. . .but with the same number

of ply.  He didn’t have enough in stock to fix us up. . .but ordered and had them delivered

right away. us fixed up and on our way.

Getting new tires - Columbus Tire Center - Columbus TX

That’s why, when we needed replacements. . .I held out until we could get back here.

In addition to needing the tires replaced, I was very concerned about our wheel bearings.

These guys checked everything out. . .cleaned and lubed everything up. . .

took the time to show and assure hubby that all was well with the bearings and suspension.


Although we left with our pocketbook a little lighter,

it feels good to have faith in those you are doing business with. . .


Next time we have a tire issue. . .guess where we’ll go?


As you may have also noticed, we had the tires replaced with the rig still

attached to the truck.  I am a freak about not wanting the rig jacked up in the rear

when the front stabilizer jacks are down.  I once saw a rig, where the front

stabilizer jack had collapsed, and a wrecker needed to come lift and stabilize them

before they could get it back on their truck.  I am convinced that somewhere, sometime

too much pressure got put on those front stabilizers, thereby causing the collapse.

There’s enough things to go wrong, without purposefully adding to the list!


Across the street from the tire store is the second largest oak tree in the State of Texas. ..

the first largest being at Goose Island State park in Rockport, TX. . .the tree seems to be in

someone’s yard, so I just took this pic from across the street. . .however, if you want to see

a really awesome shot of it, click here. . .it is absolutely magnificent!



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