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Monday, February 13, 2012

Full Time RV Living–Colorado River Preserve Invasion

Ahhhh. . .after our RV Repairs trauma drama of last week

we reported back to the Colorado River Preserve in Columbus. . .

where we were invaded by dozens and dozens of adorable, angelic Cub Scouts. . .

Cub Scouts Camp

no seriously. ..they are so cute at this age.

They ran, they played, they rode bikes. . .

they explored the little creek behind our RV. . .

they attacked ant hills with a stick. . .

It was a hoot watching them in action.

This is only a small sampling of the tents spread along the river bank.

Cub Scouts Camp

That night they built them a huge bonfire out of the wood

rescued from the low water crossing incident. . .I hope they got

good and warm and had thick sleeping bags in those tents. . .

otherwise they were gonna freeze their little tushies off. . .

I would have taken more pics of their antics. . .but given the day and age

in which we live, taking pics of other folks kiddos is probably not a good idea.


Today is drippy and rainy. . .so we are staying in,

and I’m trying a new one dish experiment.

Has anyone tried this stuff. . .called Simple Suppers?

I browned some andoullie sausage (cause anything cajun

requires it) and a chicken breast, and then just added this sauce

which includes the rice and everything. 

Reminds me of making Manwich. . .hmmm. . .

not too bad for a quick lunch.  Will I try it again. . .

not sure. . .I’ll get back to you on that.


Tonight we head to the clubhouse where new RV friends,

Mike and Candi are going to teach us how to play

cards and marbles. . .should be fun!


Safe travels everyone. . .


Janice and Dave Evans

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