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Monday, August 8, 2011

Full Time RV Living and Travel–The Colonial Williamsburg Experience–WeHighly Recommend It

If your travels take you anywhere near Williamsburg VA,
do not miss the Colonial WilliamsburgHistoric Jamestowne experience.
Rather than include a history lesson in my story,
I’ll just include the links to the websites
I found interesting during my research.
There are three ways to go about seeing the area:

#1 – purchase tickets at the Visitor Center which will allow you
to visit all of the historical buildings and ride the shuttles from one place to the other

Colonial Williamsburg Street Performer
#2 – park in the visitor center parking lot, hike over to the Historic Area (it’s quite a ways)
but you can enjoy almost everything for free. . .there will be a few buildings you will not be able to go into. . .
but overall you will get a feel for the history of the place. . .
and all the street scenes are available to everyone. . .
you will be handed a schedule of events by a costumed performer.

         Street Scene

#3 – drive over to the Historic Area and park in one of the 2 hour lots for a fee. 
This will get you a lot closer to the action, but you will need to limit your visit to two hours,
or go and move your vehicle to a different location.

 Benedict Arnold
We chose to purchase tickets that were good for three days in Colonial Williamsburg,
and we still do not think we saw everything, but what we did see was magnificent. . .
and an added bonus, once you pass through the shopping area at the end of Gloucester Street. . .
you can walk over to the William and Mary College Campus.

We drove over to Historic Jamestowne and the Jamestown Settlement,
rather than purchasing the combo pass to all three. 
If you have a National Park Pass, then the entrance fee at Historic Jamestowne is waived. 
There is a nominal entrance fee to the Jamestown Settlement. 
You could easily spend and entire day, or longer touring these two.
If you can only choose one of the two, I would probably say the Jamestown Settlement,
although only a replication, offered a more complete picture of life in the colony. . .

Due to my extreme claustrophobia, I only lasted a few minutes below deck. . .
I can’t imagine living like that for four and a half months.

My RV is palatial in comparison!

Historic Jamestowne is located on the actual site of the landing and the fort. . .
but is currently in the midst of an archeological dig. . .
and while intensely interesting. . .required a lot of imagination.

We were thrilled to find the remnants of the church
still standing within the area of the stockade. . .

if you checked out the map of the dig,
you can see the church’s location within the fortress.  

Pocahontas  StatueStatue 

If you saw the Disney Story of Pocahontas,  it was based loosely on the Historic Jamestowne  Saga. . .
although, according to the Powhatan Tribe, great liberties were taken in the telling.

and of course. . .the Jamestown Ferry

Unfortunately, we did not make it to the Yorktown Victory Center. . .
I hope you’ve enjoyed my little story of our week touring the
Williamsburg/Newport News area of Virginia. . .
and that you will be intrigued enough to check it out.
Be sure to let us know what you think. . .safe travels!