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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Full Time RV Living–Being prepared for the unexpected

Three things have happened this week that have served as reminders to update my files.

First, a few hours after we left an RV Park in Louisa, VA. . .a couple we had met there sent an email to say that the fifth wheel at the end of our row had caught fire. . .and that by the time the fire department was through, she was sure their rig was a total loss. . .they were home and everyone got out safely, but still. . .their lives are going to be a mess for a while. . .especially if they were full timers.

So I’m thinking, how far are they from home?   Do they have their paperwork in order, or has it all been destroyed in the fire?  Did they not have a fire extinguisher on board, or did the fire just spread so rapidly, all they could do was get themselves out of the rig? 

When you hear of things like this, it reminds you again, how the events that happen in a moments time can change lives.

and then, the writers of two different RV Blogs that I read everyday wrote about losing friends. . .

One to cancer. . .and another to a freak accident while whitewater rafting.  The husband stated how thankful he was that his wife had taken the time to get things in order before she was so tragically taken from him.

Reading these things prompted me to follow through on the promise I have been making to myself for weeks to make sure our files are in order.

The first thing you need, in my opinion, is a fire proof/ water proof safe. . .especially if you live in your RV fulltime, and have all of your files with you. 

In this safe you should keep:

Birth Certificates


Life Insurance Information

Vehicle Titles

A backup copy of all the files on your computer. . .(I still need to do this one.)

and your WILL, your living will, and your medical directives. . .with instructions for your executor. . .

If you don’t have a will. . .at least do handwritten instructions and have them notarized.  Unless your estate is very, very complicated. . .this should suffice in a pinch. . .however, you should have a will drawn up just to save unnecessary grief.

Sorry to be so morbid today, but all of this has been on my mind. . .so I decided I would share my thoughts.  I started putting together a packet with instructions in case of some incident when we would go on a cruise. 

My brother in law is listed as the executor of our estate (such as it is). . .and I would always tell him. . .our “death packet” is in this drawer or wherever it happened to be.  We always had a chuckle over it. . .but really, if something happens to you when you are RV’ing far from home, it would be good for someone to know your wishes.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten things that are important to others. . .if you have any thoughts please share them by leaving a comment. . .it may be helpful to someone else. . .

Safe travels,


P.S. A friend sent me this article which I very highly recommend that you read.

Organize your family's essential information in case of an emergency

My mom had a minor stroke last week and was unable to speak. (She's fine now, thank God.) But when it happened, we had no idea where her "stuff" was - her insurance info, her bank accounts, even the location of the keys ...

Publish Date: 06/04/2007 14:00

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