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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Full Time RV Living at Rocky Mountain National Park

The Park Rangers and Office Staff keep telling us how they didn’t get a lot of snow pack this year. . .and how dry everything is going to be. . .so we wanted to go up into the park while there was still a lot of snow on the ground.

View from Alpine Visitor Center

We headed straight for the summit. . .


They’ve been closing Trail Ridge Road off and on. . .so this guy is up on the mountain. . .ready for duty


This cow elk was boogying across the tundra. . .

Alpine Visitor Center - Snowdrift melting at 55* and 50 mph wind gusts

about an hour’s drive to the summit. . .11,796 feet. . .where everything was still closed. . .hmmmm?

2012-05 Colorado - Estes Park - East Portal Campground - Day Trip - Rocky Mountain National Park - Janice (4)

where there was plenty of snow. . .temps about 55* (not bad). . .but wind gusts at about 50 mph. . .you just couldn’t stand to be out there. . .seriously. . .

2012-05 Colorado - Estes Park - East Portal Campground - Day Trip - Rocky Mountain National Park (3)

a view of Fall River Road. . .all gravel, one way road. . .from the bottom to the top. . .

at the Summit of RMNP - the Beast

a road which the Beast will never, ever travel. . .we may take a jeep tour though. . .driven by a professional. . .thank you very much!

We want to see the rest of the park. . .all the way over to Grand Lake. . .but we are thinking, that since we have all summer. . . we’ll hold off until the weather warms up a wee bit. . .cold weather folk we are not!

We have a busy Memorial Day Weekend coming up. . .park is full. . .and although we are not scheduled to work. . .of course we will pitch in. . .and our friend Brenda and hubby Jimmy are coming up from Denver to spend the weekend. . .so it’s going to be great. . .

Check us out on Janice and Dave’s FaceBook where we’ve been posting lots of awesome photos of all the amazing wildlife. . .love it!

Talk to you after the holiday. . .enjoy!