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Monday, February 25, 2013

Full Time RV Crafts - How to make a Magnolia Blossom from Latex Balloons

I am reposting this craft project from my 
personal EvansEscapades Blog. . .
the Magnolias are getting ready to bloom. . .
and if you want to prolong the enjoyment, 
this is the perfect craft. . .

You can collect the magnolia centers while they are available. . .
dry them. . .and save them for later use.


How to make a Magnolia Blossom from Latex Balloons

Supplies Needed

18 gauge craft wire (must be 18 gauge)
this is available at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby, 
however if you do not have a craft store available, 
you can buy 18 gauge wire in a small roll at a hardware store.

package of 9" or 11" helium quality latex balloons

floral stem wrapping tape

magnolia center

at least three magnolia leaves - (silk leaves are fine)

wire cutters


glue gun (maybe)

Cut 9 pieces of 18 gauge wire into 18" pieces
Cut 4 pieces of 18 gauge wire into 9" pieces

Fold the 18" pieces in half, leaving rounded at the top

Cut the ends off of 9 ballons

Feed the folded 18" wires into the 9 balloons

Pull balloon down tight to the end of the wire, this part of the process is difficult and takes patience
Wrap the balloon very tightly with the floral tape
Continue wrapping all nine balloons and wires with floral tape
Now pull the wires out inside the balloons and shape the petals.
This is why you need 18 gauge wire, so it will hold it's shape.
Fasten one 9" wire to the magnolia center, this may require using the glue gun to get it to stay.
If you do not have a magnolia center, you can purchase them at a craft store, but they are pricey.
Place three petals around the magnolia center, and wrap with floral tape
Add three additional petals, and wrap with floral tape
Add three remaining petals, and wrap with floral tape
Add at least three magnolia leaves,
 attach leaves to 9" pieces of wire
 and wrap with floral tape
There you have it, one gorgeous magnolia blossom, 
created from latex balloons

Thanks to Dona 
at Admiralty RV Park in San Antonio TX 
for teaching me this craft.

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