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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Painted Churches in Schulenberg TX

Painted Churches Tour, Schulenberg TX with RV Friends Ed and Debi Hurlburt (Cut N Shoot TX), Rick and Janice Binns (Ohio)
The paintings inside a “Painted Church” are something you need
to experience first hand. . .there’s no explaining
the feeling that comes over you as you
stand gazing at the amazing artwork on the ceiling. . .
repeating “wow” over and over.
We spent the day exploring them all with
Rick and Janice, and Ed and Debi. . .
Blog kolaches  blog kolache kb_sausageL
however. . .in Schulenberg. . . 
where German and Polish Bakeries abound,
with fabulous kolaches, we must fuel up before the touring begins. . .
The Kountry Bakery fit the bill perfectly. . .
then on to the Chamber of Commerce Downtown
for a driving map and brochure before the tour begins. . .Beautiful House in Town on West Street
with a short drive through town to enjoy the historical homes. . .
note the stained glass windows on the second story,
and though it doesn’t show in the pic
all the first story windows are beautiful leaded glass.
Looking good coming over the Piano Bridge - Schulenberg TX

The churches are spread out in various small communities
around Schulenberg. . .with this Historical “Piano Bridge”  built in 1885
(named because of the noise the planks made as they were driven over)
being on the way to our first stop at the church in Dubina. . .
Rick’s truck looks really great sitting up there, doesn’t it?
Here’s the part we didn’t realize. . .Blog weak Bridge
AFTER we had driven OVER  the bridge, parked up ON the bridge to get pics. . .
walked AROUND the bridge exploring it. . .we drove on the the first church,
and discovered this sign. . .isn’t that great. . .glad we saw it afterwards. . .yikes!
Painted Churches Tour, Schulenberg TX with RV Friends Ed and Debi Hurlburt (Cut N Shoot TX), Rick and Janice Binns (Ohio)
The church in Dubina is not open to the public. . .
however, you can go into the vestibule,
and peer through the gates. . .so it wasn’t a total loss.

What we heard as the reason for it being locked
is that some of the statues and paintings
are inlaid with real gold. . . sounds like a plausible explanation.
(not sure of the validity)

Painted Churches Tour, Schulenberg TX with RV Friends Ed and Debi Hurlburt (Cut N Shoot TX), Rick and Janice Binns (Ohio)
this is the church at Freyberg. . .it is not as intricately decorated on the inside. . .
however, it is my favorite. . .it’s what I think of when I picture a country church!

It was a wonderful day, spent with friends,
ending back at Schulenberg for a late lunch
at the Country Smokehouse. . .

We saw several more churches on our tour. . .
I did not take pics of them all, as Dave and I had done this tour before. . .
you can read that story and see those pics here
If you’re in the area, you gotta do this tour. . .
If you’ve already done this tour, and have written a
blog post about it, please send me the link:
so I can add your link to this post for others to enjoy. . .

Til next time,
Janice and Dave

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RV Tip For the Day:

I’ve never lived in an area with an extreme, extended winter season. . .
so I found this post about Why Folks Become Snowbirds very informative.

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