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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Full Time RV Living–Family Reunion–‘bout time

For Dave’s family reunion we were able to rent the

Family Center here at the park. . .

how convenient was that?

Evans Family Reunion 2014

our beautiful Aunt Barbara and Uncle Wendell. . .

two very, very special folks. . .

Evans Family Reunion 2014

just the cousins with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Wendell

everyone seemed to have a great day. . .

out of 14 total. . .

10 were able to make it. . .not bad!

Evans Family Reunion 2014

and of course, my favorite part of the day. . .

he’ll always be my little boy. . .ha ha!


other than that, we’ve been doing chores. . .

I’m still sewing solar shades for inside the coach. ..

I’m a marathoner. . .not a sprinter. . .

so however long it takes to get them done is okay with me!


2014-04-01 2014-04-01 001 001

somewhere between Columbus and Conroe,

we lost the shroud for the A/C,

so of course, with rains expected. . .

that became a priority

2014-04-01 2014-04-01 001 003 2014-04-01 2014-04-01 001 004

$100 and couple hours later. . .that’s done!

2014-04-01 2014-04-01 001 005

and a water filter change. . .

think there’s a little rust in the water here?

maybe, just a little.


Monday, we head for Orange TX

to prepare for my family reunion. . .

and after that. ..

Summer Travels 2014

it’s getting very close. . .


til next time,

Janice and Dave


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