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Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco Skyline as seen from the Marin Headlands - California

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Summer 2014 Trip. . .here we come

this is it. . .our last day at Thousand Trails Lake Conroe,

until we return sometime in the fall. . .late fall is my plan.


as a Texan, I feel absolutely obligated to show you this

field of bluebonnets located right outside the park’s gates. . .

and I would of course love to show you the dogwoods

that are blooming around the park. . .

they look like baby’s breath sprinkled out through the woods!


and seriously. . .that’s it. . .nothing exciting going on. . .

other than trip planning,

and as usual.. .the jello already been shaken,

and remolded at least three times, with,

I am sure, several more changes to come. . .we’ll see!


Hope you’ll check back next week,

should be a little more excitement.


Would love to hear all y’alls

travel plans. . .

I know friends are headed to California

to work at Mount Whitney. . .

the highest peak in the lower 48. . .

that sounds exciting,

and another couple are headed to West Yellowstone

to work in the very same gift shop

we worked in Summer 2010. . .

they are going to love every minute. . .


so leave a comment,

and tell us where you’re headed. . .

til then

Janice and Dave


RV Tip of the Day

Two different RV couples we know

have had issues with their refrigerators lately. . .

with summer coming on,

I thought this might be a helpful article:

RV Refrigerator is NOT COLD ENOUGH