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Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco Skyline as seen from the Marin Headlands - California

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Off to Kentucky

On Saturday morning, we had what was supposed to be an easy drive to
Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky,
and things were rolling along smoothly
until our crazy GPS lady decided we needed
to take a tour of Bowling Green Kentucky. . .
after about the third freaky turn, we just pulled over
right onto the side of the street to get our bearings. . .good grief!

The minute we are parked somewhere long enough
to have a package delivered I will SO be ordering
that Rand McNally RV GPS. . .crazy woman!
Diamond Caverns RV Park - Thousand TrailsDiamond Caverns RV Park - Thousand Trails - Monaco
we’ve been to this park before,
Mammoth Cave National Park - Kentucky
located with the boundaries of the National Park. . .
it’s a great place to be for a few days. . .
except for the crazy tornado weather. . .helloooo!

Weather alerts on the phone, and tornado sirens
going off are not really conducive to a peaceful evening. . .
thankfully, it was all over rather quickly. . .
the storm passed about 40 miles southeast of us. . .
we didn’t even get the predicted wind gusts. . .yaaa!
I’ll take a hurricane any day. . .thank you very much!
but all is well. . .we’ve done a couple of hikes while here. . .
but mostly we’ve just stayed inside and avoided the rain. . .

Tomorrow we head out to Indianapolis to photograph the
State Capitol Building. . .
‘til next time,
Janice and Dave