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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Badlands National Park–South Dakota

Our first trip through South Dakota in 2010

was our very first year to travel full time.

We were still in vacation, hurry up and get there mode,

so we missed a lot of stuff. . .just whizzing through real quick. . .

not really slowing down enough to take it all in.

Big Badlands Overlook - Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park was one of the places

we felt we did not give justice to on that trip

Badlands National Park

so, here we are. . .back to soak it all in.

Monaco and Jeep - Badlands NP - Interior SD

This is Cedar Pass Lodge Campground

located inside the park. . .

50A electric only Pull Through,

easy access, although it was a little weird to have

the door opening  into the street, and the picnic table

on the backside by the hookups. . .

but, all in all a great place to be.

Badlands National Park

I’m not going to post a lot of pics of the park for two reasons. . .

#1 – it was overcast the day we were exploring. . .

so justice is not done to the beautiful colors. . .


#2 – Like the Grand Canyon, this is one of those

places you simply must see for yourself. . .

pics simply do not show how spectacular it really is. . .

Badlands National ParkPrairie Wind Overlook - Badlands National Park

the prairies were beautiful. . .

except for. . .well, you know!

I was very, very observant. . .even on the boardwalks

I kinda wanted to see one. . .

but only from a distance. . .with my zoom. . .LOL



Bighorn Sheep way out on a Ridgeline - Badlands National Park

Bighorn Sheep up on the Ridge

Badlands National Park

Big Badlands Overlook

The Window - Badlands National Park

The Window

Badlands National ParkBadlands National Park

beautiful vistas around each curve. . .

Pronghorn - Prairie Wind Overlook - Badlands National ParkBuffalo - Hay Butte Overlook - Badlands National Park

couple more wildlife sightings. . .

Sunset - Badlands National Park

and for our farewell evening. . .spectacular!


See you next time in South Dakota’s State Capitol. . .Pierre

‘til then,

Janice and Dave


pics in Album are different from pics in blog. ..enjoy!