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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

St Paul–Minnesota’s State Capitol

Minnesota State Capitol - David - Janice

Today was the day to visit the Minnesota State House in St Paul

Minnesota Government Complex - To the Left - Senate/House Building - State  House in the Center - Judicial Building - Supreme Court to the Right

what a beautiful State Government Complex they have built. . .

with the large Capitol Mall out front

and the Senate/House Office Complex on the left

and the Judicial Building on the right

flanking the main attraction in the center. . .

very well done!

Capitol Dome - 2nd largest freestanding Marble Dome in the world

the freestanding Capitol Dome

constructed only of Marble with no structural supports

According to the tour guide,

the second largest freestanding marble dome in the world. . .

The Progress of the State quadriga at the base of the Minnesota State Capitol dome

The Progress of the State is the name of the sculpture

at the base of the Minnesota State Capitol dome.

Senate Chambers Entry - Columns are Italian Marble

and inside, the European grandeur of Italian Marble

Balustrades on StaircaseItalian Marble Columns

comes through loud and clear. . .

The building was under construction,

so we were unable to see the Rotunda,

which is always my favorite part of each Capitol. . .

it will be ready for viewing in 2017. . .hmmmm?

I have included the rest of the pics in a

Minnesota State Capitol Album for those interested in seeing them. . .

but. . .the Capitol Building wasn’t the only beautiful thing in St Paul. . .

Minnesota, St Paul MN, Cathedral of St Paul (1)

walking out onto the Capitol steps and looking down the Avenue

was this spectacular view of  The Cathedral of St Paul

Cathedral of St Paul - Pipe Organ

we knew we had to see the Pipe Organ. . .

oh, I would so love to hear it played. . .

Check the album to see the rest of the magnificence. . .

tomorrow we plan to see the Mall of America,

which I’m afraid is going to be a big letdown

after all the beauty we’ve enjoyed today. . .

‘til then,

Janice and Dave