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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Full Time RV Maintenance–Keeping the Door Locks in Working Order

Keeping things in working order, and repaired is a significant part of this lifestyle.  It’s all being jolted and bounced as we travel down the road from one fabulous place to the other, not to mention that all the outside components are being subjected to sun, wind, rain, dust, etc., etc.

When I read this article about RV Compartment Locks: Repair and Replacement I knew I should share it with you.  Russ DeMaris explains the entire procedure perfectly of how to take care of these little often overlooked, but necessary items on the outside of the RV.

We often find that the screws on our compartment locks are loose, and the door is not closing as tightly as it should.  After reading Russ’ article, I think doing a little maintenance on all the outside doors and locks will be a good project for the day, as we get the rig ready to roll to our next destination.

See you down the road,

Janice and Dave

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