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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Full Time RV Travel–Asheville NC–Wilson’s Riverfront RV Park


Wilson’s Riverfront RV Park

225 Amboy

Asheville NC 28806


Located right on the banks of the French Broad River,  which bears the distinction of being the third oldest river in the world, the RV park itself is really great.


As advertised, all of the sites have nice cement slabs, of which, half back right up to the river.  We could sit right in our living room, and watch the kayakers and tubers floating by. . .very enjoyable.

Rear View Window - RiverFront RV Park - Asheville NC - 23JUL2011

Now making a reservation, and getting checked in. . .that was another story.  Calling for the reservation was very casual. . .the guy simply asked for the dates of our stay, and a last name. . .said, okay then. . .and that was it.

When we got here, he just had our name written down in a spiral notebook. . .but hey, we had a reservation, and a place to stay. . .so it was all good.

The absolutely ONLY negative is that the freeway is RIGHT THERE. . .I mean within spitting distance, so sometimes, when the truckers use their exhaust brakes you can hear it, even from inside the RV. . .


ALSO. . .when you exit the freeway. . .at the END of the exit ramp. . .IMMEDIATELY make a right hand turn into a PARKING LOT AREA that sort of looks like a combination feed store/garage/RV shop. . .THAT IS THE OFFICE. . .and that is where you will check in.  It is a ghetto. . .and smells horrible. . .like wet dog. . .with mess piled everywhere. . .and I do mean everywhere!. . .but once you get past all that. . .the RV park is great.

We did have a WEE bit of a problem with low wattage. . .BUT. . .keep in mind, it was mid summer. . .July, everyone is running their a/c on high I am sure. . .so I think it is just to be expected.

We figured out very quickly, even with 50 amps, to turn one thing off before you turned the next one on. . .and don’t try to run several big things at once.  That is not the norm when we have 50 amp, but we just adapted, and pretended we only had 30 amp, and it worked out great.

If we plugged something in, and the digital voltage meter squealed, we quickly unplugged it, before the SURGE PROTECTOR could shut us down. . .you DO have a surge protector. . .RIGHT?

Now, Asheville NC itself, is just fabulous. . .this has been my favorite stop so far!

I will share a few things we have done. . .but before we get started, let me save you a few bucks.  I found this nifty little trick too late. . .but maybe you can use it. . .and then I will feel better!

Check out the the GO BLUE RIDGE CARD. . .it looks like a pretty good deal.

By the time I discovered it, we had already paid the admission, and done some of the stuff. . .so it wouldn’t have saved us enough. . .but wow. . .anyway, check it out.

Okay, here are a few things we did. . .

We always look for the GRAY LINE TOURS wherever we go. . .we’ve never had a bad one. . .and they are always worth every penny!


They took us to nine different areas in the city, which we probably would not have seen on our own.  NOTE THOUGH, that they DO NOT take you to the Biltmore Estate. . .you can only go to Biltmore Village, which is a fabulous shopping area that includes the fanciest McDonald’s in the world. . .


My poor hubby does NOT usually eat at McDonalds, but he made the supreme sacrifice. . .and suffered through a burger, just to make me happy. . .(thanks Babe.)

We drove a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway. . .


where, even though it was raining. . .


and the tunnels felt tiny. . .and dark!


the views were magnificent. . .


Another day, we drove to Chimney Rock State Park, which is about 45 minutes from Asheville. . .the big attraction there is to hike to the top of Chimney Rock. . .which is almost a mile high. . .


The admission price is $12 per person, and they made sure to tell us the elevator was out. . .but there’s stairs all the way from the bottom to the top. . .right?. . .and we are in fair shape. . .right?  HA!  I thought I was going to die. . .but I made it. . .

CapRock State Park - CapRock NC - 3/4 mile climb to the summit - 21 JUL 2011

the views, which on a clear day, can be up to 75 miles, were just wonderful. . .but. . .I DON’T KNOW. . .

CapRock State Park - CapRock NC - 3/4 mile climb to the summit - 21 JUL 2011

unless you are under forty, and in fantastic shape. . .I think I would wait for the elevator to be fixed. . .seriously. . .it was a very, very difficult climb. . .especially in the heat. . .even with water. . .I will think long and hard, before I try a moderate to difficult trek again.

Back to Asheville. . .we finally made it to the Biltmore Estate. . .


It was just magnificent. . .absolutely stunning.  There are no words or pictures that could ever describe the overwhelming presence of such a glorious place. . .inside and out.  You must see it for yourself. . .

All I can tell you is. . .it was worth every penny of the admission price of $49 per person (online ticket price) $59 at the door. . .and once I found out that they do not accept any government grants, but are totally self sufficient and self reliant, I was even more appreciative of such a wonderful experience.

We were advised to rent the audio equipment, which is available as soon as you enter the mansion for $10. . .I would say that was also a wise investment. . .it was less expensive than paying for a guided tour, and allowed us to go at our own pace, and enjoy the ambience of each room.

Overall, Asheville NC, has been a wonderful experience, and I am glad we came to see it. . .

One last note. . .the WNC (West North Carolina) Farmer’s Market is really great. . .so if you are here in your RV, make a trip by there, and support the local growers. . .really tasty stuff!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our trip as much as we’ve enjoyed experiencing it, and if you ever decide to head to Asheville, be sure to contact us. . .and we’ll tell you all the other details we left out here. . .have fun. . .

Safe travels,

Janice and Dave Evans

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