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Monday, January 23, 2012

Evans Escapades–Sticking Close to Home

Dave is scheduled to teach classes through April,
so although we would love to make it to the Rio Grand Valley, and especially to South Padre’. . .
it’s so much more convenient to stay centrally located in the Houston vicinity.

I guess we had forgotten how lovely the Colorado River Preserve in Columbus is. . .
This is the view out our back window most mornings and afternoons. . .
We assume this guy is in charge of the herd. . .
Dave’s using a long range lens, and then I cropped the pic,
so although it’s not as clear as I would like, you still get the idea!
There’s not much going on. . .I’ve been working on a few RV projects,
while Dave was gone teaching a class Laredo.
We have some sightseeing scheduled. . .
maybe this week we’ll go check out Old Town Columbus. . .
which is the county seat, and has a gorgeous Court House.
There is supposedly an audio driving tour,
which allows you to tune in to a certain frequency
on the AM radio, and hear about all the historical buildings.
We always love those, so we’ll keep you posted about that. . .
In the meantime, we sit out on the patio in the afternoons
and enjoy the ambience of the place.
This guy sat in a tree across the road for ages. . .before finally hustling off for his next meal.
and I wasn’t exactly sure what this little guy was. . .
after looking him up in my Peterson Field Guide. . .
I think I have it right. . .
if not, please feel free to correct me. . .
Until next time,
Safe Travels,
From Blogger Pictures

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