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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Full Time RV Travel - Thousand Trails Membership Parks - We Just Made the Plunge

I am not one to normally ever, ever do the membership thingy. . .we got burned once in one of those TimeShare dealies. . .and Thousand Trails always reminded me of that. . .sort of.  You had a home park. . .yada, yada. . . BUT. . .since ENCORE purchased Thousand Trails, and they are a publicly trade company, it's a whole different ballgame.
I researched forever, and asked a million questions. . .even read the Frequently Asked Questions listed on the TT website,  I finally decided that if I bought a Thousand Trails ZONE PASS for $499, I wouldn't have anything to lose.  It would be good for a year, we could stay in all the TT parks in the SouthEast ZONE, which was where we had decided to do our summer trip anyway, and we would get 30 days of camping free, which would be equal to paying for a month in an RV park.  
There didn't seem to be a downside, so we purchase the one zone, paid the $499, used it for all of 2011, stayed in KY, NC, VA, SC, FL and TX. . .and LOVED IT.  The only drawback was, if we wanted to go park to park, we could only stay four nights. . .OR. . .we could stay two weeks in one park. . .but then had to be OUT of the system for one week.  
So, knowing how much we were enjoying it. . .knowing that we planned to continue RV'ing (by God's grace) as least ten more years. . .we decided to upgrade to the ELITE program.  This will allow us to go park to park every three weeks. . .with sixty free nights of camping. . .and then $3 per night after the sixty. . .plus a host of other perks. . .cabin rental discounts, etc.
If ya plan to inquire, my only request is that you use my name PLEASE. . .so I can get a $25 Amex Gift Card. . .yaaaa!
David and Janice Evans
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No seriously. . .I would never recommend something I didn't use and believe in myself. . .and we truly are in love with this program. . .if that changes, trust me. . .I will let everyone know!
I know everyone has different opinions on this subject. . .and I have seen some heated discussions on forums about it. . .so feel free to share your opinion in the comments. . .but please remember to respect the decisions of others. . .
P.S.  A fellow RV'ing Blogger just wrote about the awesome deal they got on the ZONE program at an RV show. . .you should check that out on her Where's Eldo Blog.  She is a riot. . .and a great writer.  You will love reading her RV'ing tales!