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Friday, January 6, 2012

Full Time RV Living– Where Did All The Space Go?

I just read the funniest blog post entitled My Stuff vs Her Stuff. . .it was an absolute riot. . .

and you gotta go read it for the rest of this story to make sense.

anne stuff


Roger's Law
Roger's Law


"Lynn Roger's Law of Inner RV Space" by Anne Harris,
which first appeared in the March/April 1987 Escapees RV Club Newsletter.
Lynn is a long-time Escapee (SKP #2) who gave seminars at Escapade Rallies.


We’ve been researching motor homes. . .and I’ve come to the conclusion that the layout is the most important thing. . .

it’s gotta feel like home. . .but hey, storage ranks right up there at the top of the list.


Now hubby and I each got stuff. . .and since we don't have an off site storage anywhere. . .it's all right here with us. . .although I admit. . .I probably got more stuff. . .but I’m generous. . .I share it all with him. . .so as we are surveying the different motorhomes that we’ve been looking at. . .I find myself sitting down. . .usually at the kitchen table. . .and saying. . .okay, where is this or that going to go? Hmmmm. . . and I’ve already decided. . .at least one entire storage compartment outside is going to be all mine! 

So here’s the question?

Who has more stuff at your place?

What kind of stuff?

Do you use all of it? 

I got so tickled at the blog story, when he said, she takes stuff to Goodwill. . .and then brings stuff back. . .that’s what I tell them when I go in. . .I’m making a donation at the back door. . .so I can take some stuff out the front door. . .right? 

Leave a comment, and share your stories about how you keep all the stuff organized. . .

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