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Monday, January 16, 2012

Full Time RV Living–Updating VS Upgrading–We’ve finally come to a Decision!

Years ago, when Dave and I decided to live full time in our fifth wheel, we discussed that by the time we were in our sixties, we wanted to be in a motorhome.  That seemed a long ways away back then. . .but now, eight years later. . .those days are just around the corner.  . .and we’ve been having big discussions about it.

We agree on the premise that a motorhome will be much more comfortable to travel in, while the fifth wheel is great living quarters. . .and therein lies the rub. . .although we do travel some. . . we still also work some. . .so we often find ourselves staying in one place for several weeks at a time.


We’ve gone back and forth, back and forth in our discussions. . .let’s go ahead and get the motorhome. . .no, let’s just wait a couple more years. . .and FINALLY. . .this past weekend, I think we’ve come to a firm decision. . .to just do some updating in the fifth wheel.  . .and hold out on purchasing the motor home for a couple more years.


I’m plain old worn out from all the discussion. . .and I was just wondering. . .are we the only ones who have these conversations going on?


How do you guys come to a concensus on major decisions?


Being by nature, a planner, organizer, analyzer. . .I like things lined out in a neat little order, it’s taken a bit of work to learn to go with the flow. . .


Would love to hear your stories on the subject!