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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Evans Escapades: Conquering the Royal Gorge Bridge

In 1988 we took our boys on a
Colorado Rocky Mountain vacation
#105 On the bridge_thumb[2]
the Royal Gorge Bridge was one of our stops. . .
just about the time we got a third of the way out on the bridge,
a vehicle started over behind us. . .which caused the bridge to
feel like we were walking across a trampoline. . .hellooooo. . .
that was it for me. . .I headed back to solid ground,
while Dave and the boys, much braver than their Mom
headed on across. I have always regretted that decision. . .so. . .
Royal Gorge Colorado 2012 (140)_thumb[2]
24 years and lots of pounds later here we are. . .
I’m bound and determined to conquer my fear
Royal Gorge Colorado 2012 (143)_thumb[2]
and do just as this billboard says. . .Walk across this crazy hanging in the air
with no supports bridge. . .as it bounces and sways with every footstep. . .
I can do it. . .I can do it. . .I even gave myself the pep talk. . .
“Every day, hundreds of people and vehicles cross this bridge. . .
and you’ve yet to read a news report about a collapse.”
Right! . . .here we go. . .
Royal Gorge Colorado 2012 (28)_thumb[2]
all was going well until I discovered there is only
a fastener about every fourth plank. . .WHAT?
Are they crazy. . .every single board should be
screwed and bolted down. . .
Royal Gorge Colorado 2012 (29)_thumb[4]
then Dave took great delight in pointing out the cracks
that were big enough to lose a small child through. . .
with the Arkansas River roaring by a thousand feet below. . .
Royal Gorge Colorado 2012 (57)_thumb[3]
okay, okay. . .stop looking down. . .just keep your
head up and look forward. . .OH LORD! OH LORD!
not helping. . .good grief. . .
Royal Gorge Colorado 2012 (56)_thumb[1]
My son required proof that I actually made it. . .so I took
this pic of his Dad in the very center of the bridge. . .
seriously. . .I really took it!
Royal Gorge Colorado 2012 (30)_thumb[1]
and please. ..wouldn’t you love to hear the story
behind the need for this sign. . .really?
Royal Gorge Colorado 2012 (3)_thumb[1]
We finally made it all the way across. . .and was taking a break on one of the
restaurant patios with a great view of the bridge when I had this bright idea. . .
I told Dave. . .I’ll go back up on the bridge. . .and you take my pic. . .
Royal Gorge Colorado 2012 (39)_thumb[1]
THAT was going very well. . .until. . .
Royal Gorge Colorado 2012 (48)_thumb[1]
this stupid car came across behind me. . .too late to do anything but hold on and pray!
Royal Gorge Colorado 2012 (45)_thumb[1]
Dave laughing at my moment of sheer terror. . .thanks honey!
Royal Gorge Colorado 2012 (12)_thumb[1]
So glad to have conquered my fear. . .
will I ever walk across it again. . .NO!