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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Evans Escapades: Summer Trip 2012 - Travel Days

We’ve traveled a lot of miles since we last spoke. . .
2012-04-13 2012-04-13 Granbury TX Daves Aunt Barbaras 013
First, we stopped by Granbury TX for a wonderful weekend visit
with Dave’s Aunt Barbara and Uncle Wendell. . .

His brother Curtis and wife Brenda met us there
for a great visit, and delicious eats.
2012-04-17 Butterflies at Lake Texoma TX Thousand Trails
next stop. . .
Lake Texoma Thousand Trails in Gordonville TX.
This butterfly picture is the only pretty thing we have to show
from our visit there. . .way off the beaten path. . .
internet and phone service. . .nonexistent.

We had scheduled a week there, thinking it would
be right on Lake Texoma, the way the other parks are on
Lake Conroe, and Medina Lake. . .not so.

The lake was a long ways away. . .too far to walk to,
but we had a project that needed to be done, so we stuck it out,
and got some water damaged flooring repaired and replaced.
Never a good idea to go bouncing down the highway
with damaged wood in strategic places. . .

Leaving Lake Texoma, we drove 437 miles. . .

2012-04-23 Oklahoma Ranches & Farms Country
past beautiful Oklahoma farms. . .

2012-04-23 Oklahoma Ranches and Farms Country
and ranches. . .

Jonathan - Kansas - Dodge City Kansas
to Dodge City Kansas. . .where we had stopped on a vacation
25 years earlier. . .aren’t those Evans boys adorable?

We didn’t even unhook the truck. . .just pulled in to
Water Sports RV Park and Campground. . .
got the electric only hooked up. . .ordered a pizza
and kicked back for the evening.

Bright and early Tuesday morning (read 9:30). . .
we rolled out of Dodge. . .City, that is. . .

2012-04-24 Kansas Feed Lots
past the feed lots Kansas is famous for. . .

2012-04-24 Traveling across Kansas. . .the bread basket of America
and the beautiful Kansas prairies. . .
it’s easy to see why it’s called the breadbasket of America. 
You would drive past miles of just fields and prairies,
and then, in the distance you would see a copse of trees,
which told you the farm and ranch buildings were coming up.
All the buildings had windbreaks of trees
planted on at least three sides. 
I’m sure it’s the only way to survive the winds
that must whip across there in the winter.
In Garden City KS. . .we paid $4.15 (gulp) for diesel. . .
we had known we would find, and had prepared for
higher fuel prices. . .we just didn’t think we would
find them ‘til we got to Colorado. . .ouch already!

2012-04-24 Colorado State Line Highway 50
Speaking of which. . .we crossed the State Line
about noonish Mountain Time. . .which meant
we had gained back the hour we had lost
a couple of weeks ago to DST. . .

isn’t that great?

About an hour into Colorado. . .
we started to see the mountains to the south. . .

2012-04-24 Storm over Pike's Peak
and about a hundred miles out of Colorado Springs. . .
we saw what we think is Pike’s Peak. . .
still covered in snow. . .and definitely under a cloud cover.
Although rain was promising on all sides,
it held off until we got set up in the most beautiful
RV Park we’ve ever stayed in. . .

Canon City and Colorado Springs.
Today, we re-visited Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge
after 25 years. . .more about that later!

Until then. . .safe travels!
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