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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Full Time RV Travel–Texas Hill Country and Medina Lake

2011-03-31 Medina Lake - view of the lake just out of Bandera TX

Medina Lake last year March 2011

2012-04-01 Medina Lake in Drought

Medina Lake one year later in March 2012 after the worst drought in Texas history. . .

2012-04-01 Texas Hill Country

although the lake hasn’t recovered. . .the wildflowers are gorgeous with the recent rains. . .

and the Texas Hill Country vistas. . .though hazy with all the pollen. . .are beautiful.

2012-03-31 Female Black Chinned Hummingbird sitting on nest - Peterson Field Guide - page 245 -Medina Lake - Lakehills TX

I spent a couple of afternoons camped out with my camera, binoculars, and a gatorade

determined to get this shot. . .it’s amazing how many bees, bugs, and butterflies

drift across your field of vision while you’re waiting for one little Black Chinned Hummingbird

to show back up. . .but my perseverance won. . .and it was worth it. . .