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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Old Fort Niagara–Niagara Falls NY

Tuesday, July 9

Old Fort Niagara

Being that Dave is somewhat of a history buff

anytime there is an old fort in the vicinity, we usually make an effort to see it.

The French Castle and the flag of the three nations France, United States and England

Old Fort Niagara is built in the French Style of other forts we have see in Canada.

Here you see the “French Castle” with the flags of the three countries

under which the fort was ruled, France, United States, and England. . .

Commandor's Quarters

which housed the Commander’s Quarters. . .very fancy

Enlisted Men Quarters

as opposed to the enlisted men’s quarters. . .

note the pallets laid out side to side in one long trough. . .ugh!

the North Redoubt - built by the British in 1771 - one of two

the redoubt. ..or what we would call the guard shack. . .

overlooks were posted here, and also had their living quarters here. . .


The hardest part of seeing old forts, or old battlefields is to always be mindful of the fact

that this wasn’t just a beautiful place, where we can go and stroll the grounds,

and oooo and ahhhh over the history of it. . .young men actually lived and fought on the

very places where we now walk. . .as I stood at the top of this knoll where this redoubt

was located. . .I found myself just stopping for a moment to reflect on that truth. . .

it’s very easy to get caught up in the tourism of it. . .yeah, yeah, yeah. . .on to the next thing!

I don’t ever want to allow myself to be blasé’. . .I want to always be thankful for the sacrifices

that were made which allow me to enjoy this fabulous life I now live. . .

Blacksmith ShopBlacksmith Shop

we enjoyed visiting with the blacksmith in residence while we were there. . .

he actually works full time at the fort. . .and explained to us how he creates

many of the authentic period pieces needed by the re-enactors. . .

he kept the fire stoked with coal, and the bellows going the entire time we were there. . .

he also created beautiful jewelry pieces which were for sale in the gift shop. . .

Re-enactors on the Parade Grounds

another re-enactor marching to a cadence

Re-enactors on the Parade Grounds

these re-enactors were playing a game of ball in which they loaded

the ball into a mechanism. . .stepped on it with their foot, which tossed the ball straight up,

as they attempted to hit it with a flat paddle. ..they were fairly entertaining

several of the children exploring the grounds joined in the fun. . .

I actually wish I would have gotten more info on what they were doing. . .

but at that point we had been there a while. . .it was hot. . .yada, yada, yada. . .excuses!


as we were exploring the grounds of the fort. . .

sailing classes were going on out on Lake Superior. . .being from the South,

we had never seen sailing classes in action. . .the instructors were in small skiffs

with outboard motors, and could be heard barking instructions to the students. . .very interesting!

New York, Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario, Coast GuardNew York, Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario, Coast Guard (1)

Sheriff’s Department boats also went roaring across Lake Superior while we were there,

not sure if there was an emergency or if they were just in training mode. . .

Old Fort Niagara Lighthouse

Old Fort Niagara Lighthouse located on the grounds. . .

 Old Fort Niagara Lighthouse as viewed from Niagara on the Lake

and as viewed from Niagara on the Lake later in the week

Old Fort Niagara as viewed from Niagara on the Lake

and Old Fort Niagara. . .also viewed from Niagara on the Lake later in the week. . .


We enjoyed our tour of the fort and would say, if you are going to be in the Niagara Falls area

for a few days, it was worth the effort, even with the entry fee of $12 pp to check it out. . .


Before you go check out these links:

history of the Fort

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and for more beautiful pics, history, and a different perspective

check out our friends Margery and Paul’s blog posting about the fort. . .

I think you will enjoy it. . .

Living Our Dream ~ Old Fort Niagara


til next time,

Janice and Dave