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Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco Skyline as seen from the Marin Headlands - California

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Evans Escapades ~ We’ve Covered a Lot of Ground

Wow. . .it has been a whirlwind since we left Gettysburg. . .
plus 8 days without sewer hookups. . .although we did use the dump station at one place. . .ugh!

I give kudos to you folks who go and do SOMETHING everyday. . .
and. . .who write about it every day. . .I’m not sure how you accomplish that. . .ha  ha!
By the time I get all the pics loaded, sorted, and labeled,
I’m too worn out to write anything about them. . .
Anyway. . .the lovely government shutdown happened
while we were at Gettysburg, so we didn’t get to see
all of the battleground. . .we shall return. . .

next stop. . .
Wednesday, Oct 9 ~ Shenandoah National Park
stormy scenic views
Skyline Drive and Shenandoah NP are still closed. . .you know why. . .
but we can drive the Blue Ridge Parkway on the south side. . .so that will work!
as we are driving out we can see a storm front moving in over the mountains,
but today’s the only day we have to do this. . .so on we go.
Shenandoah Valley
even with the haze,
looking out over the Shenandoah Valley is breathtaking. . .
the fall colors are lovely. . .

more pics are available in the album linked below. . .

Friday, Oct 11 ~ Virginia State House at Charleston VA
the plan when we left Shenandoah Friday morning,
was to spend the night in West Virginia,
and proceed to Kentucky the next day. . .
the Manager of this Lowe's allowed us to leave the motor home in order to go get pics of the State House. . .
however, we made such great time,
we pulled off in this parking lot
and I went inside and asked the store manager
if it would be okay to leave the MH there
while we went to grab pics of the
West Virginia Statehouse
and got a bite to eat. . .
how wonderful of him to give his permission. . .thanks!
West Virginia State House - Charleston WV
I sent this pic to our friends who think
we just do drive bys of the State Houses. . .LOL!
West Virginia State House - Charleston WV
the real thing was great
West Virginia State House - Charleston WV
and the dome was gorgeous. . .
more pics here. . .

so, on we go to Kentucky. . .

Saturday, Oct 12  ~ Kentucky State House at Frankfort KY and Kentucky Horse Park
we decided to stay in Lexington
at the Kentucky Horse Park – RV Park
however, there were only primitive sites available,
with electric. . .so hey. . .great!
won’t be the first time we’ve parked in a field. . .
Kentucky Horse Park - Overflow Parking - electric hook ups. . .four rigs coudl just back up from each direction and plug in at these junctions. . .you can also see small electic boxs down the row
you just find an electric outlet and park there. . .
Kentucky Horse Park - Overflow Parking - the indentions we leftKentucky Horse Park - Overflow Parking - Carriage Owners Group
thankfully, it was just a little damp,
so we only left a couple of indentions. . .
we did enjoy our neighbors getup. . .
lovely little Arabian. . .
Kentucky Horse Park - Overflow Parking - Carriage Owners Group
on parade. . .

next morning, half hour drive to Frankfort
to see the State House
Kentucky State House
and then back for a tour of the
Kentucky Horse Park
how fabulous. . .a must see!

we saw a lot of different things,

from fabulous racehorses
who earned their owners millions
to the horses in the dressage arena. . .

The Trolley - Kentucky Horse Park
even did a trolley tour – very well done!

Kentucky Horse ParkKentucky Horse Park
toured the barns

The Arabian - Kentucky Horse ParkKentucky Horse Park
saw horses from around the world
in their native dress. . .

but my very favorite thing,
the thing I could see over and over again,
that gave me goose bumps

Kentucky Horse Park
was this magnificent Friesan dancing. . .
oh. . .I so wish I had video taped it. . .
Kentucky Horse Park
everything he did was spectacular. . .
Kentucky Horse Park
and as he came around the edge of the arena,
bobbing and weaving. . .it looked as though
he was saying. . .howdy, how are ya?
pleased to make your acquaintance. . .
oh goodness. . .
I would go back just to see him again. . .
although, I think it was just a guest appearance.

There are lots more pics in the album

on to Knoxville. . .see you there!
Janice and Dave