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Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco Skyline as seen from the Marin Headlands - California

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Father’s Day Excursion–Lakeshore Drive–Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin

Knowing how busy Father’s Day weekend in
major tourist area would probably be. . .
our intention had been to stay in, and avoid all the crowds. . .
North Pier Head Canal and Harbor Light - Rough surf on Lake Michigan - Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin
but then Dave read about a Norther coming in over Lake Michigan,
with four to seven foot swells, and small craft advisories in effect,
we decided that we could go drive Lakeshore Drive along Lake Michigan
as this would keep us on the south side of the ship channel,
and not up into the main tourist area. . .we didn’t see anything
nearly that large, although later, much later in the evening,
the wind pick up tremendously, and it may have gotten much more exciting. . .Fox as viewed on Lake Shore Drive - Lake Michigan
still a lovely drive. . .we saw this fox,
but by the time I got the camera up, this was the only shot I could get. . .
White Pelicans on Lake Michigan
a squadron of American White Pelicans. . .
you may recall me writing about the White Pelicans on Fort Parker Lake in Texas,
so we loved seeing them again on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin.
path to the beach - Lake Michigan
a pretty little path to the beach. . .
only there was no beach with the surf up. . .
North Pierhead Canal and Harbor Light - Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin
the North Pier Headlight. . .
Sturgeon Bay Canal Light - Sturgeon Bay Coast Guard Station - Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin
and a view of the Sturgeon Bay Canal Light up over the dunes. . .

all in all. . .a lovely day, and a lovely drive. . .
and then back home to fix Dave
his favorite meal for Father’s Day. . .Steak and Potatoes!

see you next time at Egg Harbor. . .

‘til then,
Janice and Dave