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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Egg Harbor Wisconsin’s - Eggstravaganza

Egg Harbor Marina
The Egg Harbor Marina is just beautiful. . .
Egg Harbor Marina
and the park above the marine. . .a lovely place. . .
but, unless you are “tourist shop” shopper,
I can’t tell you that there’s a whole lot else to do in Egg Harbor Wisconsin. . .
the thing they did have going on for them was the
wow. . .what a fabulous marketing gimmick to get
folks out and about in the village. . .
Copper Connection #25 - My favorite Artistic PieceJourney into Sunset #32 - my favorite mosaic
Transformation #46Egg-xploration #12
we had more fun wandering around
exploring all the artist renditions of eggs,
and exploring corner’s of the village
we would never have wandered to otherwise. . .

I must give the Egg Harbor Visitor Center
high marks for this winning idea. . .
Screaming Turtle #37 - favorite whimsical
I hafta show you my very favorite one.. .the Screaming Turtle. . .what a riot!

and if you must see the other 49. . .well. . .here’s the album. . .LOL!

Not only did we spend three hours exploring all
the nooks and crannies of Egg Harbor,
but we also had two meals in Egg Harbor,
not something we do very often. . .
so we shared a chicken salad with dried cherries
sandwich at MacReady Artisan Breads. . .yummy,
and then we worked up such an appetite
wandering up and down and around. . .
that we worked our way back to
Chopper welcomed us to Casey's BBQ
where we were welcomed by their mascot “Chopper”. . .how cute is he?
Signboard - The History of Egg Harbor

and just in case you’re wondering how on earth
Egg Harbor got it’s name. . .
place your cursor on this pic, and enlarge it. . .
it’s an interesting tale for sure

another wonderful day in Door County. . .

We’ll see you next time at Sister’s Harbor. . .

‘til then
Janice and Dave

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