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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Full Time RV Travel–Fuel Prices–How will they affect you?

Lots of discussions these days on all the RV forums. . .and on the FaceBook RV Groups about fuel prices. . .


How will prices affect your RV travel?


Here’s how we calculate it. . .


First off. . .we budget a specific amount for fuel each month. . .in our case $600. . .most months we use less, so we bank the difference. . .that helps out in those times we are traveling more.  Now this is the exact same amount we budgeted when we were still working full time, and driving two vehicles back and forth. . .and around. . .


then we calculate cost per mile. . .right now it works out like this:

Diesel = $4 per gallon

Mileage towing  = 8 mpg (average)

Cost per mile = 50 cents per mile

Thus, our summer trip to Colorado and back will cost roughly $1500. . .but, once we get there, the rig will stay parked for 5 months. . .so our fuel costs will go down considerably during that time, as the truck gets about 12 mpg not towing. . .or 25 cents per mile.


If fuel goes up to $5 per gallon as predicted. . .our costs will change about 12 cents per mile. . .or there abouts. . .


I’ve stated it several times. . .when folks say how much cheaper it is to live in an RV. . .I must somewhat disagree. . .it’s just living life. . .and living life costs money. . .


For example:

Sticks and Bricks    vs   RV Living Full Time  (assuming you no longer have a home to maintain)

Mortgage pymt      =      RV payment and maintenance

Utility Bills               =      RV Parking Space

Fuel Costs                 =     Fuel Costs


Auto Insurance



Misc Living Expenses


You get the picture. . .living is living whether you are doing it in a house or an RV on the road. . .


Now, where things can change drastically is how many day trips you are doing. . . how much sight seeing. . .how much eating out vs cooking at home. . .paying for tours. . .etc. 

All these things can only be calculated on an individual basis. . .we quickly discovered that while we enjoy sightseeing very much. . .playing tourist gets old in a hurry. . .and having somewhere to go, and something to see every single day, just wears me out.


So when we are going to be in an area with just tons, and tons to see and do. . .we plan a longer stay, and spread out the excitement. . .


I’d love to hear about your experiences with traveling, budgeting, and sightseeing. . .