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Monday, May 23, 2011

Full Time RV Living - Avoiding a Disaster

Oh I so drive my poor hubby crazy. . .planning ahead. . .working out all the details. . .and the what ifs.

See, my motto is this. . .if you plan ahead for it, and it doesn't happen. . .well, then you are ahead of the game.  Ahhhh. . .once I realized that's just the way my mind worked, I was able to continue with my plan, and all is well.

Until I read an article like this. . .Avoiding an RV Disaster. . .written by a fellow RV'er whom we met in the South Texas Valley this past winter.

Good grief. . .GPS nightmares. . .RV's catching on fire. . .and I was only concerned about being on the road too long. . .or avoiding a low clearance. . .or maybe not dragging the bottom of the RV as we pull into a driveway. Well. . .so much for peace of mind. . .hunnnneeee. . .we have problem. Just kidding!

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