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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Full Time RV Maintenance - RV Fresh Water Tank - Potable Water

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I am always, always intrigued by the types of questions, and the variety of questions that RV'ers ask. . .either on blogs, or forums or on the numerous websites that I read on a regular basis.

A discussion on Keeping Water Fresh in your RV fresh water tank caught my attention today, because they were discussing putting bleach in the RV's fresh water tank, and then carrying potable water to use for drinking.

Now, we try to avoid using bleach in anything that will be going down the potty into the RV's black water tank, just because we don't want to kill the good little beasties, and enzymes living down there that eat up all the bacteria.

However, I can see the writers point. We also carry potable water when we know we will be using the RV fresh water tank only. For some reason, the water out of there just tastes funny to me, and it makes funny tasting coffee, so before we disconnect we fill a gallon jug from the filtered water tap at the sink.

I'm curious as to whether others have had this problem, and how you dealt with it.

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Now I could see the validity of following the instructions in this next link, as long as none of the bleach water got flushed down the potty.

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