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Monday, May 30, 2011

Full Time RV Living - Do You Have a Love Hate Relationship with Your RV Kitchen?

A RV Blog "friend" recently wrote an article about what she liked/disliked about her RV Kitchen.  Her post created quite a response, and several comments which caused me to ponder the good and bad of my RV kitchen.

Now, I absolutely love the layout of our kitchen when we are parked.  The island in the center with the sink creates plenty of counter space to work on. . .

IMGP0862 (3)

and the two RV refrigerators were the biggest selling point. . .


yes, the one on the left has been replaced. . .the trim now comes in black.

however, as great as all of it is when we are parked, when it comes to travel mode, both slides come all the way in against the island, and we have no access to the kitchen at all, unless we put out the slide with the refrigerators in it.

But, the worst part of the kitchen is the stove.  I detest the stove so much that I use an induction burner to cook on about 75% of the time, and I use an electric pressure cooker the rest of the time.  The oven is used strictly for storage.

Someday, when my microwave gives up the ghost I will replace it with a convection style, and then perhaps I will once again bake things.  Until then, baked goods from the store bakery fill the bill. . .

I cook almost every day. . .and you can tell by looking at us that we are not doing without. . .but I have definitely learned to adapt.

What are the things you most love/hate about your RV kitchen?

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