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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Full Time RV Living: Staying in Touch on the Road

EMailI'm not one that really feels a need to make changes just for the sake of changing things, but if you can show me the advantage of making the change then I am more than willing to try things out and experiment.

Such was the case when my nephew told me I needed to switch my email account over to GMail or Google.  I had used Yahoo Mail with great results for years and was very happy with it, but since he was very knowledgeable in the computer world, and he made Google sound so enticing, I decided to give it a try.

Wow. . .what a world of difference.  Everything you need is right there.  Let me explain. . .

EMAIL - Now, email is email. . .right, so I can't really tell you there is too much difference in getting my emails every morning.  It's all the other programs that go along with the email account that make the difference.   For example. . .

GOOGLE READER - All my favorite blogs that I love to read every day are all in one place.  I simply set up my Google Reader account, click on, add new account at the top of the page. . .copy and paste the blog address in, and there you go,  everytime there is a new post on a blog, I automatically get an update.

I even have blogs divided into folders, RV Blogs, Business Blogs, Ministry Blogs, etc. . .

Now, I am not sure how I set this up, but I was able to add a NEXT button into my GOOGLE CHROME BOOKMARKS BAR. . .when I finish reading one blogpost. . .I just click on NEXT. . .and so on until I reach the end of the list.  I love it!

GOOGLE DOCUMENTS - No more Word Documents for me. . .I now create all my documents in the Google Documents File.   NOW, no matter where I am, as long as I can log in to my Google Account, I have access to all of my documents and information.

The other day, I forgot to take my shopping list with me to the store. . .no problem.  I opened my shopping list file on my phone, and was able to see exactly what was on my list.

I haven't even discussed PICASA for organizing all your pictures, or BLOGGER for building your travel blog.

I could go on and on about how much I love it, and I'm not even getting paid for all this love. . .but if you would like to get even more in depth information about all the wonderful ways GOOGLE could work for you while you are out on the road. . .you hafta check out the website of some fellow RV'ers.

GEEKS ON TOUR -  Now, although there is a fee of $39 per year to become a member, and get all the inside scoop goodies. . .there is plenty of FREE info on their website, especially if you are a newbie, and still needing to learn just the basics.  I highly suggest you check their website out.  I have not had the privilege of meeting them in person yet, only online, but I know that when we finally meet them, it will be like spending time with folks we've known all our lives.  You can feel the warmth and caring come through in their writings, their lessons, and on their videos.

Leave a comment and share with everyone your tips for staying in touch on the road. . .