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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Full Time RV Maintenance–Circuit Board and Humidity

A blogger friend wrote about taking their rig in because the furnace fan was coming on,
but the burner wouldn’t light. . .the fix. . .a new circuit board.

This story brought back memories of the circuit board on our furnace. . .
it just kept going out. . .on about the third trip for a replacement,
the service guy explained that because we lived on the Texas Gulf Coast,
where the humidity is like 100%. . .and a thunderstorm rolls in off the bay
almost every afternoon. . .our circuit board needed some protection.

His suggestion was to take silicone (you know, the clear kind in the tube)
and put a light layer of it all over the circuit board. . .so we did. . .and I guess it worked,
cause we never had to replace the circuit board again.

. . .now the dirt daubers that built a nest in the furnace
because we didn’t have enough sense to put on a $7 screen. . .well that’s a different story altogether!

Oh the things you just don’t know when you start out to live in an RV. . .pages of stuff. . .

So, have you ever heard of such a solution?  This was an older gentleman that told us this,
and we greatly appreciated the suggestion, and took him at his word
that he knew what he was talking about. . .