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Monday, November 26, 2012

Full Time RV Living–Hmmmm. . .Campground Etiquette?

Well. . .as RV’ers I’m sure we’re all aware of the
common courtesies of Campground Etiquette. . .right?

Respect other people’s space. . .don’t walk through another camper’s area. . .

2012-11-25 004
so imagine my surprise on Saturday, when about 15 or 20 folks from the
group next door gathered around my picnic table to eat and smoke. . .
like they didn’t have 20 tables available to them in the group hall. . .
(I know, I know. . .I was just bragging on them in the last post)

Not sure why I didn’t think to get a picture. . .
I’m still sort of flabbergasted. . .

I didn’t really want to make a huge fuss. . .but really. . .what were they thinking?
Did they see covers on any other picnic tables?  (thanks Debi. . .still looking good!)

2012-11-25 005
After they finally moved on, I put a Private – Park Host Area sign on the table. . .
and Dave put up tape to sort of fence off our “front yard.”

What do you think?  Is it too much?