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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Full Time RV Living–This Is What My Life Has Come To

This is not a complaint at all. . .it’s just that it’s sort of fall/winter in Texas. . .you know ~ the leaves are kinda falling. . .but we don’t have the overwhelming, magnificent fall colors of other places.  It’s still pretty. . .but everything has slowed down. . .
not really in a fly zone. . .so migration is not really going on here. . .just living life. . .and doing stuff. . .
2006-01-01 blog pics 0022006-01-01 Lake Fort Parker 004
washing windows. . .oh yeah. . .that was exciting. . .
2006-01-01 blog storage bay, ride 001
organizing the storage bay. . .again.  My friend Judy had drawers in her storage bay. . .I decided I wanted them too. . .so much easier than dragging those buckets out everytime I need something. . .although those buckets served us very, very well for several years. . .but it’s just great when someone has a wonderful solution that you can copy. . .thanks Judy and Jerry for the great idea!
2006-01-01 blog storage bay, ride 002
and here’s our ride for the next few weeks. . .ain’t it cute?  Fixin’ to jump on it, and go pick up a couple of packages that came in.

I ordered an external back up drive for my computer. . .since it has been getting slower, and slower.  I want to make sure all my pics are backed up before it completely gives up the ghost on me.  It’s old, and tired. . .but I’m gonna work it til it dies. . .that’s just the way I am. . .gonna wring out every drop of life. . .LOL!

2012-11-14 blog view from inside 023
This was yesterday’s late afternoon view from the rig. . .not sure it gets much more beautiful than that!

Til next time,