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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Full Time RV Living–Our Rig is FOR SALE

Stuck at Daddy's in Spurger
You read it right. . .today we are officially putting our truck and fifth wheel up FOR SALE!

If you know anyone who is looking for a great deal. . .all the pics and information on the Truck and Fifth Wheel
can be found here:  EBay Motors

WHY?  you ask. . .

well. . .here’s the reason. . .and of course you know they
never want to give you diddly on a trade in. . .
so we’re gonna try our hand at selling our rig ourselves. . .uggghhhh!

To answer the age old RV question. . .why a motor home instead of the fifth wheel

From the beginning, we always said we wanted to be in a motor home by the time we were sixty. . .not sure why we decided on that time frame. . .I guess we thought we would be old by then. . .ya know good and well when your're 47 that sixty looks really, really old. . .now that we are almost there it's looking better and better. . .ha. . .but I digress!

Anyway. . .since we can't afford the rig we want. . .this is going to be a transition rig for the next few years. . .which should tell the tale for us. . .which is better. . .fifth wheel?. . .or motor home? Ha Ha. . .time will tell!

Wish us luck. . .oh, and a few prayers would not go amiss. . .

Til next time,