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Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco Skyline as seen from the Marin Headlands - California

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another Crazy Breakdown Day. . .enough of this already!

well. . .dear Lord in Heaven. . .thank you once again for your angels of protection on our travel day. . .

Left Palm Desert CA bright and early this morning. . .trust me, 8:30A is early. . .headed to Phoenix to meet up with RV friends Marsha and Paul for a Texas Rangers vs Cleveland Indians Spring Training game. . .

'bout 20 minutes out of Indio, as we're climbing the mountain, we begin smelling something weird. . .but just thought it was coming from outside. . .UNTIL. . .a waft of smoke went past my seat.

WHOA BABE. . .I think something's wrong. . . I jump up to look. . .the bedroom is FILLED WITH SMOKE. . .what on earth?

OK. . .OK. . .just get off the road. . .and while Dave is doing that I grab the cell phone . . .get the platform open that slides in front of the door. . .and we prepare to exit quickly. . .no further need to know what the problem is. . .right?

diesel film all over the Jeep

Jump out. . .no smoke on the outside of the vehicle. . .so we walk to the back, and the Jeep is coated in diesel. . .we can see diesel leaking from underneath the engine. . .good grief. . .here we go again.

Dave now feels safe to open the engine cover, and assess the situation while I start the process of contacting roadside assistance, as we will obviously need a tow.

Let me tell you. . .Progressive Roadside Assistance is FABULOUS. . .just FABULOUS. They ask all the right questions to make sure they send the right equipment. . .just can't say enough good things about their service.

the Calvary has arrived

They provided above and beyond what was needed. . .very pleased.

California Highway Patrol stopped by to check on us. . .very pleasant, and pleased that we had managed to get all the way off the road, and had our safety cones out behind the jeep.

Our issues were caused from our repair in El Paso. Evidently, when they replaced the fuel lines, they failed to secure them with the necessary harness to prevent them vibrating loose. . .so. . .all the bottom connections and one top connection were loose. I'm sure the added pressure on the system of climbing for 10 miles out of Indio was the last straw, and the loose connections started spraying diesel.

I've captioned each pic in the album. . .we are all put back together, and back on the road, but will not make it to Phoenix tonight. We've decided to stop in Blythe CA, and continue our journey in the morning. . .

awww. . .here we go againdiesel film all over the Jeepthe Calvary has arrivedpulling the coach onto the trailerI can't look. . .I can't look. . .eek!all aboardremote control dual wheels roll forward to allow loading, and then roll back to transport. . .fascinating!winching it downthe puddle of dieselInterstate 10. . .busy, busy, busy. . .the California Highway Patrol who stopped by was very pleased with our little cones. . .we've been told you can be fined for not having themand away we go. . .sad, very sad. . .well that's backwards. . .we wanted to East today. . .remember those beautiful mountain views from the RV Park. . .not nearly as delightful now. . .roll off. . .make sure you know where that front wheel is at all times. . .delivered to P&V Diesel Repair, Chino California (760) 775-7773Jose - Owner and Diesel MechanicJose - Owner and Diesel Mechanicand again with climbing up inside the engine cavityand again with climbing up inside the engine cavity - several fuel lines have vibrated loose due to the Cummins Shop in El Paso failing to reinstall the harness that holds everything in place. . .man talk. . .why didn't the Cummins Repair Shop put the harness on those fuel lines. . .that's just crazy Jose is saying. . .not a fancy place. . .but highly concientious,  and willing to go the extra mile - Indio California - (760)775-7773all hooked up. . .ready to roll East again. . .everything's tightened up. . .nothing leaking. . .will have the harness installed at the Cummins Repair Shop in Phoenix.  Cummings in El Paso is having the part shipped, and picking up the tab for everything