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Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco Skyline as seen from the Marin Headlands - California

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Funnest California Day Yet. . .in Ventura

Ventura Beach and the Ventura Beach Pier
I have decided that we simply MUST visit
Channel Island National Park while we are this close. . .
the best way to get information is to drive over to the
Channel Island National Park Information Center
located in Ventura California. . .
HEB Crew Girls

it just so happens that good friends, Janice (AJ) and Debi (and their hubs)
are staying not too terrible far away from Ventura. . .

perhaps we could meet for lunch. . .oh yes. . .of course we can!
Ventura Beach Pier - a great hike

since they need to pick up AJ & Rick’s truck
from the repair shop, we arrive a little ahead of them. . .

perfect way to take a hike. . .
Ventura Beach SurfersVentura Beach Surfer
Ventura Beach Surfers

glorious waves and surfers. . .
is there any more beautiful sound than waves crashing on the shore?
Ventura Beach SquirrelVentura Beach Squirrel

the rest of the beach wildlife was pretty entertaining too!HEB Crew at the Fish Taco Shack

and our party has arrived. . .
(guess I needed to use a flash with the bright windows, but you get the idea)
highly recommend the Fish Taco Shack located at the Ventura Pier. . .

so great to spend time together again. . .
we probably won’t see the Binns ‘til we arrive back in Texas. . .

but it does seem we will crisscross with the Hurlburts
for the rest of the summer, as we travel the West Coast. . .yaaa!

What a wonderful, wonderful day filled with sunshine, the ocean, and friends. . .
doesn’t get much better than that. . .
Pacific Coast

and afterwards, a quick drive down the Pacific Coast Highway
two miles worth of RV's Dry Camping
where we discovered about two miles of RV’s
dry camping, right on the edge of the road. . .

Who knew you could even do such a thing. . .
and how do you find out this information? ? ?

’til next time,
Janice and Dave

Addendum:  by asking on FB's RV Tips,
I've gotten an answer on how you can
"camp on the beach."

Here's the link: