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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

HOLLYWOOD–Sunset Strip and the Walk of Fame


Driving down Sunset Strip

after lunch at the Farmer’s Market
we headed to Sunset Strip in Hollywood. . .

another view of the Hollywood Sign from the Sunset Strip

Liz got an exceptionally good pic of the Hollywood sign. . .

Capitol Records - Sunset Strip

here are a few more things we saw as we whizzed past. . .

Capitol Records

all things Garlic restaurant. . .Sunset Strip

all things garlic restaurant. . .yum!

Beverly Hills Police Station - Sunset Strip

the Beverly Hills Police station
where Zsa Zsa Gabor was taken for slapping an officer. . .oops!

Beverly Hills City Hall - Sunset Strip

actually the Beverly Hills City Hall. ..
but portrayed as the Police Station in some movie. . .
I don’t know which one. . .just sayin’

House of Blues owned by Dan Akroyd -

House of Blues owned by Dan Akroyd,
and featured in several movies as well. . .no clue!

scheduled to be torn down and relocated. . .

John Wayne - Sunset Strip

statue of John Wayne. . .

gorgeous bougainvilla everywhere

the bougainvilla all over town is just glorious. . .

and now. . .on to the main event. . .

Hollywood Walk of Fame

the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Star TrekSteven Seagol

John TravoltaJohn Wayne

and the handprints, footprints signatures

Chinese TheatreChinese Theatre

located in the front courtyard of the Chinese Theatre. . .

Tom Selleck

Donald TrumpKermit the Frog

a few of my faves. . .

Now. . .you would think getting your very own Hollywood Star
would be “extra, extra special”. . .right?

hmmmm. . .well. . .there are sixteen BLOCKS of these “Stars”
lining both sides of the street. . .whoop tee doo is what I thought. . .

if you breathe (and generate a certain number of $$$$$$ signs)
I guess you get one. . .’cause I’m tellin you. . .

some of the folks names I saw all glittered up
were not really all that special (in my opinion – you understand)

. . .AND. . .

Chinese Theatre

by the time we made it back around to explore the handprints/footprints further
this is how the courtyard looked. . .LOL! 

Wall to Wall Tourists. . .extremely entertaining. . .

at this point, we all decided we had pretty much had our fill for the day. . .

We came. . .we saw. . .we did NOT necessarily conquer. . .
but we sure had fun trying!

See you next time at the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach. . .whoooo weee. . .

’til then,
Janice and Dave