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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Full Time RV Living–Tips and Tricks–Electrical Schematics

Although we’ve owned RVs for thirty years, and lived in this one for eight, last month we learned something new:


You NEED the schematic for your electrical system. . .the entire thing. . .not just the bits and pieces that show the electrical wiring diagrams for various and sundry appliances and such.


How do we know. . .well, look at the wire in the pic. . .see that little tiny black place. . .


Somehow, this wire got pinched, or maybe rubbed up against something, until it wore this hole in the outer cover. . .at which point the wire must have been rubbing against metal or something that was causing the fuse to blow due to a short. . .and since this happened to be the wire providing power to the appliances, specifically the refrigerators, it was imperative that we figure out what the problem was. . .pronto.


Mobile tech to the rescue. . .he asked for the wiring schematic right away. . .ha. . .that was when I discovered that all we had were wiring diagrams. . .not very helpful. . . so, next solution, a call to the Alfa Techs in California. . .who were very, very helpful, and walked the mobile tech through the wiring sequence.  He was then able to diagnose where the short was. . .Lord knows, electrical issues are beyond me. . .I just expect it to work correctly when I plug something in. . .however, the point being. . .having the schematics might have saved a lot of time.  . .he eventually found this tiny little spot above the axle on the street side of the coach!  Like hunting for a needle in a haystack. . .


So. . .the tip for the day is:  Go ahead and order a wiring schematic from your RV manufacturer. . .at some point, you are going to need it!

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