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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ready To Go Full Time RVing-How do you find a full timer rig?

This was such a great question, that I thought I would share IT. . .and my answer. . .as my blog post today. . .leave a comment, and tell me your opinion. . .

We are looking to buy a 350 or 3500 4x4 truck and 5th wheel for fulltiming. I have been reading blogs and sites like IRV2 and can never find anyone to give direct advice. My question to you is, if you went today to buy a truck and 5er, what would you buy? I read where you said that the 5er you got was on your list and you knew it was of good quality. I have no way of knowing which ones are good quality. I would love to have your thoughts on this as you have been there and dont that. Thanks so much.

First off, let me say, thanks for reading our blog. . .and second off, let me say that as a FEMALE, anything I may tell you should be verified. . .ha ha. . .and you may be sorry you asked the question! : )  I ask hubby's opinion, but we've discussed all these issues so many times. . .he says exactly what I know he is going to say!

Now IMO, you should not pull anything longer than 30 feet with a 350 or 3500. . .yes I know it will pull it. . .that is not the question. . .will it STOP it?  and the second part of that discussion is. . .the insurance companies, at some point, are going to start cracking down. . .and if you are over your GCVWR and are in an accident. . .you probably are going to end up in court to get your claims covered. . .everytime we pass a truck weigh station, one of us will pose the question. . .How much longer before we hafta start pulling through those?

Next. . .if you are going to be a true Full Timer, as opposed to having a home to go back to, you need some space.  This is going to be your house. . .opposing slides in the living room are a necessity on our list. . .and at least one slide in the bedroom. . .a decent size shower that you can stand up and turn around in. . .full size closets, not shirt closets. . .and a pantry, or something that will serve as a pantry. 

Brands of full timer models. . .hard to say. . .so many have gone out of business. . .but Mobile Suites builds a beautiful rig, Montana (upper end only) are still building, I believe. . .we don't pay new prices for anything. . .but if you are going to, you may as well research the custom builders, and get exactly what you want.  You can find several listed in the back of Trailer Life Magazine

If you are searching for used, we liked Alfa, Hitchhiker, King of the Road, Newmar, wow, it's been so long ago. . .I'm kinda blank. . .I’m sure others can share choices in the comments section. . .

All rigs, including brand new, have their issues. . .it’s all part of the learning curve. . .so if you think you are going to buy a brand new one, and everything will be roses. . .think again. . .bouncing down the road at 60 mph shakes things loose. . .and some roads bounce more loose than others. . .plus rattle your teeth!

Hubby took a RV Inspection Class online from Mobile RV Academy. . .which taught him how to check out all the systems and look for problems.

I'll just throw this out there. . .we are currently in the process of purchasing a Class A Diesel Pusher. . .so our entire rig, 2002 Ford F550 Custom Thoroughbred RV Hauler, and 2003 Alfa Ideal 36 foot fifth wheel are going on the market. . .we're thinking our asking price will be about $52,000 for the entire package, and we will work from there.

If you are interested in more info. . .I will be happy to share all the particulars.  We always knew we would eventually go to a motor home. . .and it seems there are such great deals right now on used ones that the time is getting closer. . .

Wishing you all the best in your adventure. . .and please don't hesitate to ask if you have more questions.

Safe travels,

Janice and Dave Evans

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