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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ready To Go Full Time RVing-Cooking Series-Faking It-Stuffed Bell Peppers

Anyone who has read my blog very long knows that I despise the range in my RV. . .and because I’m not willing to replace it for something that may not be any better. . .I’ve learned to adapt. . .thus my RV Cooking Series on Faking It. . .One Pot Meals that may not look like the real thing. . .but certainly do taste like it.  Here’s my newest edition:



This recipe makes four servings. . .adjust your ingredients according to number of servings desired:



Brown a half pound of sausage or hamburger and a cup of frozen pepper/onion blend


Clean, core, and quarter two large bell peppers


Add peppers to meat mixture, lower heat, add lid, cook until peppers are tender. . .about 20 minutes

Depending on seasoning in meat, you may want to re-season at this point. . .especially salt


Add a bag of frozen rice, any flavor you like, (this is my favorite). . .check seasoning, replace lid, heat rice mixture through


Done. . .finished dish. . .not beautiful, but delicious. . .

If you need to make your dish beautiful, you could leave your peppers halved. . .once they are to the tender stage, you could remove them to a casserole dish. . .finish the meat mixture with the rice. . .stuff the peppers, add some cheese to the top, and pop it in the oven for a few seconds. . .

If I were serving company, I may take the time to make it beautiful. . .when we just want something tasty. . .this serves very well.


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