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Monday, November 7, 2011

Full Time RV Living-Making Life Easier-or I Don't Think I Can Live Without It!

I loved this article – Ten Things That Make My Life In An RV Easier and I agreed with the premise of most of them. . .which made me think. . .

What are some things I consider absolute necessities?  Hmmmm. . .


Pressure Cooker

an absolute necessity. . . especially if you plan to cook beans, rice, or pasta at altitude.  Ya can’t get water to boil up there. . .

but I use it even for everyday cooking.  It makes an awesome deep fryer (without the pressure portion of course.)

I excel in one pot meals, so I use it for that. . .often!

It’s just one of those things I’m glad I discovered. . .this is by RIVAL. . .and I found it at Big Lots for about $57. . .something like that.


Induction Burner

A glorified, and expensive hot plate, that requires pots, pans, and skillets that a magnet will stick to the bottom of, but I love it because, the pan heats up immediately. . .to a specified temperature that you can set. . .the burner itself does NOT get hot. . .I can use it inside or outside. . .and because I hate my RV stove, I can cook on it almost exclusively.

Induction Burners love, love, love cast iron, and I have a small round cast iron griddle to grill steaks on. . .fabulous combination.  I would love to have more cast iron to use on it. . .but alas. . .the weight. . .so. . .only the griddle. (sigh!)


Lock n Lock Containers

In my opinion, the ultimate in storage containers. . .they have a seal that prevents leakage, so they are fantastic for storing saucy items in the fridge. . .nothing’s gonna splash out!

Sometimes I can find them at Walmart, but lately I seem to have better luck finding them at those specialty Kitchen Stores in the outlet mall. . .you know which ones I mean!

Our gate guard friends have been writing about having a mouse invasion. . .they, the mice, especially love their doritos. . .as you can see, what’s left of my doritos are safely ensconced in plastic. . .not that I’m doing it to keep them from the mice. . .but just in case!  Our nemesis seems to be sugar ants. . .sometimes they pop up everywhere. . .keeps them out too!

I can’t think of any other “can’t live without” items at the moment. . .but I’m sure as soon as I push the send button, I’ll remember several more. . .

What are your “I can’t be without them” items. . .everyone’s list is different. . .so please share!

We always appreciate you sharing our blog with other RV'ers. . .so if you enjoyed this article, please pass it along. . .

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