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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Full Time RV Living: Up on My Soapbox

ahhhh. . .well, today I am on my soapbox about a trend I have noticed. . .not a good trend, I might add. . .


Now, to me, blogging, and facebook, and email, etc., etc., is all about communication. . .and communication is a two way street. . .that means speaking, listening, responding. . .and so on.


So. . .here’s what’s bugging me. . .bloggers, and facebookers who just want to speak, and speak, and speak. . .and yet never respond to their followers. . .


For example. . .I love to post comments on blogs when the topic is interesting. . .(except on those blogs where you hafta put in those stupid little captcha codes EVERY single time. . .ughhhh) . . . and I especially love it when the blog writer bothers to respond back. . .especially if there’s a point to clear up. . .or a commenter has asked a question.


Several of the blog writers that I follow are fabulous at doing this (you know who you are). . .makes me very happy!


So. . .here’s my point.  If you are so busy, and so important, that all you want to do is to spew your story out there, and you can’t ever be bothered to acknowledge those who participate in the conversation, then what is the point of having a conversation?  I’ll just read a magazine where I know a response is not expected. . .


It reminds me of baseball players, or movie stars who think they are so important, they never need to acknowledge their fans. . .or to say thank you. 


Is it just me?  Am I the only one who thinks acknowledging the input of others is important. . .well of course I know I’m not. . .because I see the responses of those of you who care about your followers.


You know, Phil Mickelson often stays up to two hours after a golf tournament, signing autographs, and showing his appreciation to his fans. . .that’s the sort of person I want to look up to. . .someone who is grateful, and appreciative. . .


Thanks to all of you who have read my rant. . .I hope you will respond. . .ha ha!